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FWD/转载: My Wife’s Memory 妻子的回忆


Saw this post from Here This Korean comic strip told us to appreciate our loves one when they are still with us. When ours loves one is gone, no matter how much we did is also useless. Working so hard to earn money also sometimes will end up getting nothing. Spend more time as much […]

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Lucy是一部有其深度的佛学影片。引述了空无境界。电影中脑袋100%运作时,本体再已不在,有如涅槃似的。引述人一生寻求财位权位己身定位不断的链接下去无法停止。当达到涅槃状态时,一切感觉,爱与乐,痛与悲,已经… instagram.com/p/sZXB4qvkGo/

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