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Life of Pi


This is one of the movie that I’ve watch (in my lifetime so far) and stuck in my head for so long after watching it. This is the movie that you would not think of any soundtrack from the movie.

Life of Pi

Inspired by an adventure novel written by Yann Martel that published in 2001, Ang Lee has challenge himself to make the story from the words in the book into the fanstasy visual world.

After watch this movie and you feel that how come Ang Lee make such a normal movie? Where the story about Tiger and a boy who lost everything during an incident struck him in the middle of Pacific Ocean, and then how he survive with a Tiger on boat. If you only saw this, either you are having a pure heart or you are not looking into the movie in depth. Check out more movie review in Google search and you will surprise =)

I’m pretty amazed by the novel and also how Ang Lee make this happen in movie.

The story of spiritual and reality balance. This is what I can say best to represent the movie. A must watch in lifetime and worth watching few times, also good to used as education film to teach growing kids about spiritual and reality life’s balance. Great to help improve the kids’ EQ.

Below are the trailers.

And seriously, do watch second, third times if you are able to watch only the surviving journey between a Tiger and a boy. And personally also thought the original novel is worth reading as well, cause the movie doesn’t really represent 100% from what the magic have done from the author (Buy one from Amazon here).

Look deeply into Richard Parker’s Eyes

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