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赢得了政, 就得人心? 生命多长, 你活几年?


久没上来写, 来个涂鸦.. =P

近来,终是看到政客们玩”走圈圈,抢椅子”的游戏. 你抢到, 你好料. 抢不到? 被人笑. 看到…… 都sien.

没办法, 他们的工作本就是, 用民之本, 取悦社会. 还真的是 kam xia 多多..


1. 表面的话,说说笑笑就好,何必当真?

2. 永远记得 Terms & Conditions 的 we have rights to change the rules without further notice. 谁当权,游戏规则他来定.

3. 资料来源, 很重要. 非常重要那种. 别做傻仔, 听到就跟, 看到就跟. 至少,用脑分析下…

4. 国事再乱, 饭也要照吃.

本国诸家政客都是吃得好穿得好,风调雨顺..家好月圆, 肚腩也圆.. 其实他们也很聪明. 想必是看透世界污染破坏已没得救, 早也死迟也死.. 就来翻大的. 个个都我活的快活就自在~

他们也看透,人的眼, 是盲的. 人的耳,是聋的. 所以话说一盆口水洒出去, 喷到谁那你就衰.. 天气热到鬼这样, 我肚腩有冷气吹最重要. 关你什么global warming, 有厚厚的钱包温最重要..

问你生命能活多长? 对他们,这都并不重要….

* 已上都纯属虚构, 如有雷同. 也是刚巧jek~~

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  1. Marccus says:

    heheh, it is makaichoon effort to help in global food security.. these 3 hot guys must put more efforts liao =P

  2. yeekai5 says:

    quoting an great example of “u talk shit x3”?haha

    to create a good politician is hard but some politician r doing good, for example ur brother saudara lim guan ying, at least i can feel he is doing his work here in penang…

    i spot a good individual for malaysia future, lets hope after he persue his dream of serving THE GREAT dreams in afican nation to ease the kids hunger, he will come bac n develop our country for good 😀

  3. ck says:

    good one…we need some well behave ppl for the nation

  4. Marccus says:

    hahah, need more 贤才 =P

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