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100 Places to Go in Earth before they gone!!


Saw from Khee Shan’s facebook sharing about this book, the 100 places in Earth to go before they disappear. Due to the ever increasing environmental issue, such places are degrading and going to gone… So must pay a visit to there once in a lifetime fast! and when go to these place, do take good care there also ar…

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Oceania & Antartica



The Americas


and now i am 24+ years old..

non of these place have my little foot step stepped on it!!

sad.. dun care, must plan to left my smell there!!

XD hahahah

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Thanks for your reply!

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  1. Marccus says:

    yalo, thailand is the nearest liao, haha

  2. wennitiong says:

    Nearest: go to Bangkok and Siem reap. =)

  3. Tian Chad says:

    Leave your smell, you will fart there ar? haha!
    I also want to travel around the world!

  4. Marccus says:

    bwahaha XD let's go travel and left our smell all over! XD

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