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241543903 – Images of people putting their head in the freeze


I saw this eye-catching word from facebook posting and found it so funny!! XD wakakak

Try to search 241543903 in google image..

After make some search and it was actually about taking a picture of your head inside the freeze and name it 241543903. Hahahha XD

you know what? they even have its website and facebook fanpage! XD wakaka

Lame people like me sure go and make one. 😛

So here is mine, XD kakak

and also, me this bad uncle… drag my two little niece nephew join too XD wakakak

so, have you join the fun??? XD

and sorry, it’s not for serious people 😛

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  1. liamhui85 says:

    sohai betui!siao kia..

  2. yeekai5 says:

    u r the MAN,marccus !!
    bad uncle with wrong modal of learning for lil niece nephew :p

  3. yeekai5 says:

    wow,marccus,u r the MAN!! poor learning example for lil niece nephew :p

  4. Marccus says:

    haha, kenwooi, you wanna try it 😛

  5. Marccus says:

    momo 😛 lu pun ki make one! hahahhah

  6. Marccus says:

    tian chad, me stress of heat XD hahaha

  7. Marccus says:

    hahah, scare them lame maciam their uncle XD wakakaka

  8. liamhui85 says:

    mai siao liao..i'll never do so, unless am drunk!

  9. Marccus says:

    jiu kui!! XD

  10. Marccus says:

    hahah, wa bo lim jiu one, so dono 😛 u dun go drunk amber!! >.<

  11. Marccus says:

    hahaha, u cant see me drink.. 😛 cos i dun like liquor XD

  12. liamhui85 says:

    did u see me drunk b4?
    i ask amber bite u! grrrrr

  13. liamhui85 says:

    ya right, dun let me see u drinking ya..otherwise i'll ask amber to bite u.

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