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Add Google Talk’s ChatBack in Website, in 4 steps


Anyone is Gmail user? Then sure will have using Google Talk in the Email often.

Now, you can actually integrate the Google Talk into your blog/website and trigger the chat with your blog readers =D

Here is how it get to done.

Step 1.

Login to your Google Account.

Step 2.

Goto URL below, and get the code.

Step 3.

Place the code into your theme’s editor.

Step 4.

Done, and Start Chat! =D

and now, if you see me around available at the right corner there, feel free to chat with me =D  hahah

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  1. Marccus says:

    yalo, that day saw ur site got this widget only know nia XD hahah. Then u tell me how to add that time, i forget it afterward liao XD wakaka
    now can do 24×7 support liao =P

  2. mickgenie says:

    I got it long time ago and I suggest you to add through widget(for beginner).

  3. mickgenie says:

    LOL, I used for in case anyone wanna find me only.

  4. Marccus says:

    wakaka XD if got always on google talk then also can be 24×7 support liao =P

  5. Mick Genie says:

    I got marr… LOL..

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