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C-VAT Personal Value Profiling – Jobs Personality Test


Recently I’ve signed up another job hunting web service, the Trying to search if there is any better career opportunity for myself.

Throughout the process while filling the personal information, there have one section let me undergo one personality test, that called C-VAT personal value profiling ( I have never known about this personality test. Speed-browsed thru their website, C-VAT is stated to be a powerful psychometric tool to review a person’s value, useful for workplace to identify talent’s capability. You can read and understand more from their website (

And then, after answering about 20 questions, here is my own value profile. Erm, I also don’t know much how to interpret in details for the diagram it generate, hahah. But for the comphrensive part, I know most of my uni-mate or friends knowing me well should have know too. hahah.


At a Glance:

  • Does not like too many work demands, prefers to work at own pace.
  • Takes time over tasks, sees deadlines as flexible.
  • Does not strive to complete tasks, prepared to leave work unfinished.Objective, but may appear detached.
  • Outgoing and likes the company of people.
  • Avoids long-term or close interpersonal relationships.
  • Does not seek positions of power or authority.
  • Orderly, methodical and systematic, takes care to plan in detail.
  • Expressive, eloquent, artistic or sporty.
  • Easy-going, adaptable to changing and fluid environment.

While at Work:
Putting in a lot of effort to meet the demands of work is not Mr Marccus’s preference. He does not like to rush around doing things and may feel demotivated if work constantly encroaches on his personal life. Although he does not like excessive work demands, Mr Marccus may still be prepared to put in extra effort if it is on a short term basis.

Time is not a major priority for Mr Marccus. He is probably often late for appointments and may keep people waiting. He sees deadlines as flexible and takes his time to do things. He is not time-conscious when planning or organizing activities. Mr Marccus may feel stressed and demotivated when he is rushed, and may not deliver results on time.

Mr Marccus initiates plans and ideas easily but may not persist with the tasks until completion. He is prepared to leave tasks unfinished; hence he may prefer short-term assignments as he is more likely to complete these tasks. He may lose interest and focus when working on long term assignments.

Mr Marccus is able to produce work that is moderately high in quality but he may at times be careless.

Mr Marccus is an objective person who is impartial and rational. He speaks factually and often does not involve his own feelings and emotions. He may sometimes be perceived as distant or detached.

Although Mr Marccus is usually a sympathetic person, he may at times be selective about being involved in the personal problems of people.

Mr Marccus is friendly and outgoing. He enjoys the company of his friends and is not shy or awkward when meeting people for the first time. As an extrovert, he fits well into the social groups. He is approachable and likes to make new friends.

Mr Marccus is not one who prefers strong or deep bonds, and avoids close interpersonal relationships. He is reluctant to form attachments, preferring to keep people at a distance. He prefers relationships to remain casual and superficial.

Positions of power, influence and authority are not Mr Marccus’s concern. He does not mind letting others assert authority over him. He is accommodating, laid back and easy-going.

Mr Marccus is moderately concerned with prestige, rank and reputation.

Mr Marccus is at times able to engage people to accomplish his objectives.

Mr Marccus’s leadership qualities are moderate and he is sometimes able to get the support of people.

Mr Marccus is as keen to explore abstract concepts when the topic appeals to him and he is as interested to discuss theoretical issues as the average person.

Being orderly, methodical and systematic, Mr Marccus spends considerable time planning ahead and organizing activities. He ensures that programmes are scheduled properly and takes care to plan in detail. Formulating procedures and policies is his forte.

Mr Marccus has a flair for words and is creative. He probably has multiple language ability and expresses himself very well. Not only is Mr Marccus eloquent, he is probably also artistic and/or sporty. He is demonstrative and dramatic.



Interest to know your own C-VAT profiling? Can just go there for a try =)


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