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Attack on Titan Season 2 Watch Online (Shingeki no Kyojin 2nd Season)

Watch online for free for Attack on Titan Season 2 (Shingeki no Kyojin 2nd Season)

10 Must Watch Based on True Story Movies You Should Not be Missed

There are so many awesome movies out there, however there are few movies that based on true story or event in our real life which are so inspiring and some are mind-blowing, and I personally feel that movie lover should watch them at least once in their lifetime.   1. Quill Based on a true […]

Life of Pi

This is one of the movie that I’ve watch (in my lifetime so far) and stuck in my head for so long after watching it. This is the movie that you would not think of any soundtrack from the movie. Life of Pi Inspired by an adventure novel written by Yann Martel that published in […]

Agnes Milowka and Sanctum

Knowing about this lady after watching the movie directed by James Cameron – Sanctum. Sanctum A short intro for the movie, because I feel it is not bad and inspired to watch it. The movie is real story filming inspired by Andrew Wight’s cave diving experience that lead to a cave incident that trapped 13 […]

Cry of the Snow Lion – Know more about Tibet

This story of Tibet must not bury unknown. The beautiful flower of Tibet that contain dried flesh blood which have not known by many people. How one could cope with the people praying and believing at own religion but at the same time killing it? I have yet visit to Tibet, and I wish to […]

City of God – Cidade de Deus 2002

This is a 2002 movie that I just able to know and watch it recently. This film until now is still having good review from every else where. It do earn lots of award and nominations, and also, listed as “50 Films Must Watch Before You Die!”  hahaha. The story screens about the life in […]

First Love Ice Kacang

I think this will be a nice movie ^^ First Love Ice Kacang

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