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Malaysia 2018 SST (Sales & Service Tax) Proposed Guide

Proposed guide on Sales & Service Tax, version 1.0 (16 Aug 2018). Download a copy here #SST #ProposedSST #SST2018 #MySST

The New Penang?

Artist impression on new image on Penang island if reclamation become uncontrollable.

JPJ Demerit System Starting 15 April 2017

Malaysia Road Transport Department JPJ Demerit System Starting 15 April 2017 to control road offender.

Heavy Smoke Blankets Borneo Area

Heavy smoke blankets Borneo affecting Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia. This image from Nasa that captured on 19 Oct 2015 is indeed scary. The number of red marking are hotspot marked by Nasa intelligence sensor where the forest fire will be. And the amount of smokes that visualize in the image is frightening, compare to the […]

How to pay MBPP (previously known as MPPP) Assessment (Cukai Taksiran) online

Here’s simple steps showing how you pay your MBPP (previously known as MPPP Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang, well now already upgraded to Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang) Assessment bill online. Assessment also know as Cukai Taksiran as in Malay or 门牌税 as in Mandarin.   Step 1. Go to and click on the PENGGUNA TIDAK […]

Check registered GST company in Malaysia

1st April 2015, it is one historical date in Malaysia (ehmm, not because of April Fool). This day starts the country’s first day in implementing GST (Goods and Services Tax)! It will takes a long long time for the country to absorb this changes that affect everyone in the country. While there’s nothing can be […]

Donation to the Kelantan Flood – Restore SJKC YUK CHAI

Peninsular Malaysia East Coast had suffered disastrous flood in the end of 2014. There are plenty out there needed our help who are not affect by the serious flood. Just hope try to do our best to help be it at manpower, word of mouth, or monetary donation. Below are the message and picture shared […]

Tropical Cyclone Jangmi is Now Harmless (Updated by MET Malaysia 1 Jan 2015)

Recently there are speculation in social media about been worry that tropical storm Jangmi is going to hit East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, which might worsen again the terrible flood. Tropical Cyclone Jangmi (or known as Typhoon Jangmi, Typhoon Ofel (in Philippine) or ribut tropika Jangmi) have its destructive force when at highest speed can […]

Yala Dam release water in Southern Thailand will not affect Northern Malaysia

There are various photo circulating in Facebook mentioning that Yala dam in southern Thailand releasing water on 26 December 2014 (Friday) that might worsen the Kelantan (already in serious condition) flood and affecting Northern region of Malaysia. From those footage captures, the water release is really massive and whoever live nearby will gonna swallow it […]

How to draw a horse? Only in Malaysia version

In Malaysia, everything is made so easy, even if u want to be a pro artist in drawing. Here are some steps that will help if you want to be a pro in drawing a horse beautifully. You have now become a pro in drawing a horse, give a big applause to yourself.

[转载] 2012双王辨林冠英VS蔡细历 [Fwd] 2012 Debate Lim Guan Eng VS Chua Soi Lek

2012双王辨林冠英VS蔡细历 2012 Debate Lim Guan Eng VS Chua Soi Lek – Video 1 2012双王辨林冠英VS蔡细历 2012 Debate Lim Guan Eng VS Chua Soi Lek – Video 2 2012双王辨林冠英VS蔡细历 2012 Debate Lim Guan Eng VS Chua Soi Lek – Video 3 2012双王辨林冠英VS蔡细历 2012 Debate Lim Guan Eng VS Chua Soi Lek – Video 4 2012双王辨林冠英VS蔡细历 2012 Debate […]

It’s easy to become Malaysian

As I browse thru some websites, I found out people posting about it. But was not believe until looking at the official Malaysia National Registration Department (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara). The two screenshot below do amazed me. Check it out at Check it out at So, if you want to become Malaysian, is […]

Malaysia Budget 2012 revealed

Here is the posting from The Star Online ( Re-post first, talk about it later… and if you want to refer for Budget 2011, click here (   Last year our FDI growth was the strongest in Asia and in the first 6 months of this year have already reached RM21.2bil   – In 2012, […]


看见 Facebook 突然有人 share 出一个照片 (按这) 好奇之下去找找那份 2011å¹´ 9月 26日 光华日报看看下. 左看看, 右看看, 上看看, 下看看. 还真的是会笑瓜人. 自己也拍下一张对比照. 在这里不得不佩服光华日报俜请的员工的高招相片更改技术. 百年老报, 真的不是闹着玩的. hahah. 大家来看看, 许博士在封面并不存在, 可是一眨眼, A9那面广告就出现了. 好神气啊. 而且, 不仔细腻看是察觉不到的. 看了这种更改技术, 心里也有少许寒起来. 这可是说明. 报章随时都可扭转所拍摄到的. 今天, 它只放在广告篇, 几时放在正文章报导还不知. 报章是一个早晨人人都手握着它一边喝咖啡一边阅读昨日发生的事情. 照理来说都是不用担心可信度. 可是如此看来…. 已经没再这么简单了.  一旦被利用来做宣传道具, 真的很恐怖下..  

Support support million dollar Facebook Page – 支持支持百万面子书Page

我的国家弄了个 Facebook page 用鸟马屁 180万.. 我看了连发屁 180下.. 几爽下.. Tourism Malaysia ~ Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia 来来来~~ 大家来支持下, 去Like鸟, 再放个屁. 顺便也去Like  

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