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Claim Expired Touch n Go Card Balance

For expired Touch N Go (TnG) card, you can claim back the balance amount easily.

Becoming Malaysian Mensan

Sharing my thought about Malaysia Mensa Society

Can you replace Wacom pen tablet with the mouse?

Can you really replace Wacom pen tablet with the mouse? The answer is

7 things I notice about Learning Ability in people

No matter what ages of people, giving 20s, 30s, 40s, up to 70s above.. I’ve notice that the learning ability are different by their willingness to learn or when they are force to learn. Giving these different ages of ppl in a same class teaching the same thing, there are few funny things to be notice..

The Cute and Sweet Voice behind Pikachu

Ever wonder who’s the person behind the super duper cute and sweet pikachu voice that will melt your heart? Yup, she is from

RM 1 Premium Coffee in Penang

Get yourself a RM 1 Premium Coffee in Penang, including Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino and more!

Wellness City Of Dreams or Wellness City Of Doom?

Is Penang island ready for the big massive face-lift?

Change Broken Door Cylinder in 3 Easy Steps

There will be scenario that cheap door cylinder will be worn-out after frequent twist and turn. Here’s an easy 3 steps on how to change it.

What you need…

Search “What is Brexit” jumped after EU Referendum polling

Search term of “What is Brexit” suddenly jumped after Britain polling, where the voters suppose to choose the country to remain or leave EU (European Union). Result can be seen here.     Source from: Google Trend   I’m like…  

#Brexit confirmed in June 2016

After 43 years, since 1973, Britain has come to the decision to leave EU (European Union) with the vote of 51.9% win. The official result shows 17,410,742 (51.9%) voted leave (Brexit) against 16,141,241 (48.1%) voted remain (Bremain). Where majority of elder citizen preferred Brexit. How will this Brexit affect EU and global market? No one […]

What is Internet of Things – IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) explanation by IBM and Intel.

How to Terminate (Cancel) TM Unifi Service

First, find the nearest TM Point in your area, you can check at this page Find TM Point. Take note on their business day and hours before visit to there. Unless there some specifically stated, most of the TM Point business hours are Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:30pm and they do open during lunch. […]

My Experience on TIME Fibre Home Broadband 100 Mbps

Just got install this 100 Mbps fibre internet package from TIME dotCom (Web | Facebook). Do check from their website first to see if their service covered your area. Currently Time Fibre Home Broadband available for high-rises and yet to cover landed property. The installation was took around approx. 3 hours with 3 person for […]

Apple iPhone SE Malaysia Pricing

Buy Link: Click Here Apple iPhone SE (which is the iPhone 5S body equipped with iPhone 6S features) has now release their official pricing in Malaysia.

Je suis Charlie

Today is not a good day in Paris, France. As terrorist using the name of Muslim killed 12 people (journalist, cartoonist, editors, police) in the offices of Charlie Hebdo, where some were known to satirised Islam. Again, innocent Muslim drag into the name of terrorist. When will these people stop doing all these killing? Oh […]

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