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与钱包里的 27元和银行户口里的 11元, 我正迈向 2011年. 回顾这一年, 争的钱不多, 花的钱倒不少. 由 E公司去 Y公司, 情况也没什么好转, 只是乐观在作崇. 记得的事优记少许. 买车篇 2月, 以阿姐的补助供了一辆二手车. 但这车并不是家人所期望, Honda老旧车, 零件昂贵是理由. 但还是一意孤行, 跟友人应下了它. 从车儿装态, 可得知前车主爱车心切. 就这样, 一供也快一年了. 车儿好跑, 很省油, 驾驶灵活. 只是我还没什么有能力去加以保养呵护. 有往来年有加本人能力加护车儿, 好让它替代我脚步多十年. 进修篇 09年, 基于刚断了情, 借此伤情期间加强本身知识, 总好过日日思情伤, 而就读了商务管理硕士. 也很快一年过了. 像疯人似的半工读, 如今也因完成大半究科而得以再清闲. 一年里, O学院重金的学业管理方道让我感慨现今求学之路腐败程度. 可见日后, 耕亩学历也多数只是空有所修, 其成难实. 接下来的一年, 希望得以顺利毕业, 还剩得花600元重修的两系, 一论文, 和一国际型顾问计划. 加油! 工作篇 自09尾 E公司请来了个VC来改革. […]

Welcome 2011

No recap this year =P  Or may be got free time only write one and post up. Just a simple wish for everyone on Earth to welcome 2011~!! =D  It might bring changes or remains the same for either of you. No matter how, live out the world with your greatest trueself =) Cheerish the […]

Internet Beggar

Most of the time.. Malaysian are beggar for internet connection generousity and stability.. Don’t you think so? Tolong lar tolong…

What you read manipulate what you think or What you think manipulate what you read?

This morning while tapao the Penang famous Beach Street’s nasi lemak and walk pass the newspaper stall, which is daily practice as usual. Suddenly some thought strikes my mind when eyesight caught by the few newspapers headline wording. What you read manipulate what you think? or What you think manipulate what you read? Really, where […]

Christmas is near. What is your wish?

Another one month from today, will be Christmas Eve!! Have the city and town you’re living in have prepare for the festive season? Christmas have arrived, and have you got any Christmas wish for this year? The wish, might not mean for monetized item, such as iPad, iPod, LV bags, etc etc. The Christmas wish […]

Happy Deepavali 2010

Happy Deepavali to Everyone!!

Be a Doctor. Save life or earn money?

“When you grow up, must study to be a doctor.. then you can earn alot of money“ Isn’t the conversation line above seems familiar to most of us? When young, parent tend to tell their children to study hard and if best, to become a doctor then can earn alot of money $$$ =P But […]

30-Hour Famine 2010 Penang DIY Camp at Chew Jetty – little little bit from little marccus

30-Hour Famine 2010 Penang DIY Camp at Chew Jetty

The Lord of the Plants – The Return of Choon Kiat !!

The Lord of the Plants – The Return of Choon Kiat !!

Entering August

Recently little marccus have been busy busy up~ =P but one of the happy thing is helping to organise the 30-Hour Famine camp. It is lucky for me to have a group of great people (Christ, YK, Fishy, See Ying, Ann Ling, ah Sing, Jackie, Edmund, Cindy, Peter, Grace, Jeff, and more..) helping me for […]

Simple Complication

Life is simple yet complicate. W-h-y-? Because, when we young, we learn to answer True or False, Yes or No. There is only one answer. And when we grow, the answer we know earlier is now become ambiguous. There is no longer only True or False, Yes or No. It is now included True and […]

In the July~

my blog is back thanks to ying and beng‘s help XD hahha recently am keep attending for some seminar/exhibition/conference/press conference things, have touched kinda more things I have never know before, haha. 29th June 2010 – Kingdee’s Press Conference for the Seminar “Growing Global Business, IT Enabler” at KLSCCCI. 29th June 2010 – Gathering with […]

Rehab at The Hiding Place

Information about The Hiding Place, a rehab centre in Penang island, helping people who wish to make a greater change in their life, to live better.

Reset to be pressed..

It’s nearly time to press reset button… again. How many times that you have pressed the reset button of your life? to reset the bank account.. to reset a relationship.. to reset a marriage.. to reset the job.. to reset the business.. to reset… ? Pressing reset button for life is always not an easy […]

Safety On Road | Please check car tires more often.

Guys Girls, do check your car’s tires often. Car tires are important and they helps keep your car moving. IF anything goes wrong.. It might bring you go to heaven or hell.. So I do share out how is the car tires failure I have missed out, and found out recently where it actually exist […]

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