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Upload Route (Running/Cycling) to Strava

Upload pre-planned running or cycling route into Strava web so that it can show up in your apps.

Sponsor is now available in Penang, Malaysia

“This event is sponsored by Sponsor!” Probably this line sounds funny, but I believe it will heard more often in sports events in Malaysia. Sponsor is another product by Red Bull. It’s a non-caffeine & non-carbonated electrolyte (isotonic) sport drink that’s very well recognize in Thailand, for more than 30 years.

Powerman Malaysia is back on 2016!

After 2 years of stopping since Malakoff pullout as main sponsor back in 2013, Powerman Malaysia is now back in action!! The event detail will be as below Date: 06 March 2016 (Sunday) Venue: Palace of Justice, Presint 3, 62506 Putrajaya, Malaysia Fee: But do aware that there will be service fee and GST incur […]

Ironman Malaysia Special Edition- Putrajaya Duathlon

Ironman events has slowly revive in Malaysia after a “long break”. And the event organizer put in lots of effort to make this world class sports event a very success one and retain it every year in Malaysia. More and more triathletes has rise in Malaysia to enter and battle for this gruesome long distance […]

Basic Essential Bicycle Cycling Hand Signal (Video & Picture)

Road cycling is fun, and could be very dangerous and sometimes fatal if not ride safely. When riding in a group with faster speed, it’s even more dangerous when collision happen between or among riders in group. I’ve draw some simple illustration and try learn these basic essential hand gesture signal, that could help save […]

Official map for CFAL Tristate 1st Edition 2015

Hours ago, Dato Dr Lim release the map for Tristate 2015 on Facebook (link), and I’ve try to plot as near as possible to the map that he shared. Official banner and registration link ( After looking at the overview, my legs lembik already. Omg.. For the past 2 months in dormant hibernation mode, didn’t […]

Ironman Malaysia 2014 Men Pro & Women Pro Champion!

The video that I manage to capture when both Men Pro & Women Pro crossing the finishing line in this tough race at Ironman Malaysia 2014 at Langkawi! All the Pros and age groupers are so strong!! Men Pro Champion – Patrik Nilsson Women Pro Champion – Diana Rielser


还是游泳初学者的我, 每当泳镜(goggles)起水雾 (fogging) 在镜内时都会有些慌张。 深怕眼前迷蒙一片时会有水怪随时出现在面前。 在找寻网络质询后再试用,得知以下两个方案是可有效解决泳镜水雾问题。有些教学提到用口水,但这方案对我视乎无效。可能我的口水太稀顺不够粘吧 😛 1. Johnson & Johnson 婴儿洗发液 (Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo) 快速型. 这方案算是最廉价又有效的一个。 一小瓶装才几块钱。 便利店或杂货店都容易找到。这方案通常只能耐游一次。 运用程式 (简单容易): 必须在泳镜干着时,滴一滴洗发液在镜内。 用手指均匀的将洗发液散开。 不必等它干。 在进泳池前用水轻轻将镜内洗一遍就好。千万别再动镜内!! 2. 防水雾喷雾 (Anti-Fog spray) 需等一天时间。 这是直接又很有效的方案,不过就比较贵些。 这瓶TYR防雾喷雾卖价 RM 19.90, 在商场运动专卖店通常都能找到。 运用程式 (简单直接): 必须在泳镜干着时,将喷雾喷在泳镜内层。 让溶液均匀的散播在镜内,过后放着让它干(需等大约一天)。 使用前,用水轻轻将镜内洗一遍就好。千万别再动镜内!! 祝大家游泳快乐,身体健康,万事如意。

How to prevent fog in swimming goggles effectively

Being a beginner swimmer, not able to see clearly in the swimming pool freak me out sometimes. When the fogging appear, it’s like you’re swimming in an open sea and there are many unknown sea creature going to find you. There are few ways I search from the web about how to avoid fogging inside […]

Ride For Cleaner & Greener 2013 Where2Go Ultimate Challenge

Sharing this event that I joined last weekend to raise some awareness in case anyone would like to join in future. The event namely Where2Go Ultimate Challenge 2013 organised by Cleaner & Greener Sports, is an event convering 85KM round Penang island or 40km fun ride.

Penang 35th PAAA Annual Round the Island Relay 2012

Check end of post for official results. Was thought PBIM 2012 will be my last run in 2012, and actually rejected to run for this. And joining this year PAAA Annual Round the Island Relay in Penang Island have to thanks to Long Gor and Kevin for the invitation. If they don’t ask me I […]

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 – My Virgin Full Marathon!

Before this, I completed my half-marathon at time of 3:30:59 [view post] in 2011, and 3:10:02 [view post] in 2010. Both of these were my longest distance I went so far. I can just say I’m just a casual runner who didn’t really go run and just like to join race event syok syok only. […]

The Transformation!

My journey on COBC 8 weeks challenge on fat loss and gain better healthy physical body and performance.

Entering 3rd week

My journey on COBC 8 weeks challenge on fat loss and gain better healthy physical body and performance.

Eight Week Challenge

My journey on COBC 8 weeks challenge on fat loss and gain better healthy physical body and performance.

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