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Facebook at Work

Facebook at Work, who will benefits from it and who will not.

Facebook Legacy Contact

Setting for Facebook Legacy Contact in case you are memorized or passed away, so that someone can help you update your last message.

Solving Self-Hosted WordPress Frequent Error on Internal Server Error or 508 Resources Limit

Solving Self-Hosted Wordpress Frequent Error on Internal Server Error or 508 Resources Limit.

Solving printer not printing in Windows

Have you ever got the moment where your printer didn’t response for a long time even when you already have send them to the print list successfully and there’s no error message appear? This might happen when the printing service is halting in Microsoft Windows. Here will be showing how to make the printer service […]

Fix Windows 10 Slow Download Speed

Here’s one of the solution when you encounter a sudden slow of internet speed and you are using Windows 10. When you checked on showing your upload speed is all good but your download speed was performing only 20% or very low of your subscribed speed, do try the following steps to see if […]

Apple iOS 9 – Notes new feature

The Notes app appeared to have some cool features in iOS 9 for iPad.   You may now able to create To Do List instantly in Notes. Simply type your tasks in separate lines, highlight them and touch on the circled-tick on the keypad. Or your may touch on the circled-tick then type your task […]

Apple iOS 9 – Low Power Mode

Just got update the iOS to iOS 9.0 for both iPhone and iPad, found that there got one sweet feature added, the Low Power Mode.     Once you’re on iOS 9 and when your battery reach 20% capacity, there will be a prompt-out message for you to enable Low Power Mode.   And when […]

How to update firmware in DJI Phantom 3

Here will be showing step by step illustrated showing how to update firmware for DJI Phantom 3, applicable for Pro and Advanced edition.

Google Docs killer new feature – Voice Typing, and how to get it

Now, there’s a killer feature added into Google Docs (product of Google Drive, that allow to you type without touching the keyword, just by using your sexy voice. When you are into the Google Docs, simply go to Tools > Voice Typing. And there will have one mic pop-up at the side. Click on […]

WhatsApp web version

So now finally WhatsApp officially (WhatsApp blog) enable users to use them on web browser. However, currently only compatible for Google Chrome browser, and exclude Apple iOS. You may use it at Android, BlackBerry OS, Nokia, Windows Phone. Download Google Chrome if you don’t have one,, and go to URL below. You will […]

Remove hiberfil.sys and reduce pagefile.sys file in Microsoft Windows

Sometimes these two files in Mircrosoft Windows, hiberfil.sys & pagefile.sys, could consume huge amount of disk spaces, up to few GB (Gigabytes) of storage space. You could actually remove or reduce the size of these files from simple steps below.

Create simple mortgage monthly repayment calculator in Microsoft Excel for your property

If you would like to have a quick check on how much monthly repayment for the property you planning to purchase, you may create a simple mortgage calculator in Microsoft Excel to help you estimate the amount of repayment for your house loan.

How to create photo image gradient transparency in Adobe Photoshop

Gradient tool in Photoshop could help you create stunning image effect with its transparency feature. Here’s the tips and simple step on how to create one.   Step 1. Click on the image that you want to have gradient transparency.

Test your Website Speed with Pingdom

Your website or blog loading speed is an important factor to have better reading experience for visitors or readers. Pingdom is one simple site that allow you to execute website speed test in a very simple way. Just enter your website addresses or any webpage URL and click Test. Your result will come out instantly […]

Remove /eyeblaster/addineyeV2.html the weird URL

If you have observe Google Analytics, there have one strange URL that appear as /eyeblaster/addineyeV2.html but your blog or website do not actually contain this page. It simply shows “nothing found” in the description. It did nothing harm but just that I don’t want this url to add up into my analytics statistics. There are […]

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