Claim Expired Touch n Go Card Balance

If your Touch ‘N Go physical card has expired and you still have some balance left inside the card, follow the steps here to claim back.

The main page to start the refund process will be URL above.

Do read thru the important notes before performing the claim process.

To start, go to this URL below:

Step 1: Enter your expired TnGo card number.

You can find the number (No. Siri) at the back of your card.

Step 2: Enter your detail.

Step 3: Choose the refund method (eWallet or Bank transfer).

It will be much more easy if you choose eWallet. The refund money will transfer back to the account that match your detail. If choose bank transfer will require to enter your bank detail.

Step 4: Keep the case reference number for status tracking.

When encounter any error during the process, can reach out to customer service at methods below:


Thanks for reading.

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