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Create TNB E-Services Online Account


Updated on 22 July 2016, TNB E-services have changed their online service website from to

TNB e-service change website

So from now onward please login using the new URL instead for TNB e-services.

View tutorial below on how to register for the new myTNB Account services.


 Informations below are no longer valid.


Here are the steps showing how to create TNB E-Services account where you can view & check your TNB electricity utility bill or your solar RE (renewable energy) income statement online.

Step 1. Go to TNB E-Services URL and click on the Register Now.

Register TNB Bill step 1

Step 2. Fill in your details.

Register TNB Bill step 2

The Account Number can be found on your TNB bill or TNB Solar RE bill.


Step 3. Go to your email to retrieve the temporary password.

Register TNB Bill step 3

Register TNB Bill step 3-1

Step 4. Go back to TNB e-Services to login. You will required to enter a new password at your first login.

Register TNB Bill step 4

Step 5. You will then get confirmation on your account activation.

Register TNB Bill step 5

Step 6. Now again, go back to TNB e-Services to login with your new password.

Register TNB Bill step 6

Step 7. You will now able to view your bill details in your TNB E-Services.

Register TNB Bill step 7


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