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Facebook email [username] – How to get it?


Here is to show you how to get your very own facebook email address that something look like this >> [email protected]

For eg, my username is marccus (as in, then I get my facebook email as [email protected] (Don’t have username yet? Click here to see how to create one now.)

What is this facebook email do?  Actually it’s just the new facebook message but slightly upgraded version.

It will be much like All (email, sms, facebook message) in One place (facebook message) for you to review the interaction with your friends.

And for message with a particular friend, it will group all related message into a single one, pretty much the same as what iPhone sms system did.

Before move on, take a look on this youtube view regarding the concept for the new facebook message.

Awesome right? To get this, you need to register from facebook manually at the moment.

First, go to and click to request the new Facebook Message.



yea, you need to wait for facebook to get your request processed. It might take up to few months, but just be patient =)

After you get the new facebook message system there will be an alert notification appeared when you access to your facebook message.

You will then required to activate the new Facebook Message.

Follow by asking whether you wish to integrate this with your mobile phone. Means that your friend will be able to send message from facebook to your phone as appear in sms format. You may skip if you not wish to have your mobile phone bind to this. Standard sms fee will applied according to local telco, when sms is sent.

Setup mobile carrier.

after the mobile setting configuration completed, then you are


You may ask your friend to send email to your facebook email =D

Sneak peak into what is inside this new facebook message layout. It become more clean and neat design with smaller icons at the bottom part. Quick reply mode that similar to the facebook group is now available here. You can chat with your friends in facebook message similar to as in IM.

And you also may found a small phone icon. When it ticked, means that the message written will be sent as sms also. When you create new message, all these applied too.

And here is the Actions’ options you have for you received a message. You are able to forward the message same as emailing behavior.

so.. give it a try =)

Quite fun thou.


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