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How choosing the right bulbs will help you reduce electricity usage and save money up to 10% and more?


Most people seldom do this type of comparison but they know choosing the bulbs with “Energy Saving” written on the label will be good enough. In fact, choosing the lower Watt consumption light bulb did help in reduce utility bill. But how much actually saved?

Here will be using 2 types of energy saving light bulbs, the LED bulb and CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulb. Details for each bulb as below:

Wattage 18W 6W
Lumen 2700K 3000K
Operating Voltage 220-240V 240V

Doesn’t matter LED or not, the key point is the Watts of that bulb. We are comparing between an 18 Watts bulb and a 6 Watts bulb. So now, let’s set the scenario and see the difference between them.

Operating hours: 11 hours (assuming operating whole night from 7pm – 6am)
Days: 30 days
Tariff: RM 0.218, RM 0.516, RM 0.546 (will be choose the lowest tier and the more common tier in TNB Domestic Tariff A)

(1 JAN 2014)
Tariff A – Domestic Tariff
For the first 200 kWh (1 – 200 kWh) per month sen/kWh 21.80
For the next 100 kWh (201 – 300 kWh) per month sen/kWh 33.40
For the next 300 kWh (301 – 600 kWh) per month sen/kWh 51.60
For the next 300 kWh (601 – 900 kWh) per month sen/kWh 54.60
For the next kWh (901 kWh onwards) per month sen/kWh 57.10
The minimum monthly charge is RM3.00

Source from:
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And now let’s tabulate the comparison data to study the different.

Differences & Savings
6W 18W 3.33X (333%)
Energy consumption in 11 hours 0.066 kWh 0.198 kWh
Multiplied in 30 days 1.980 kWh 5.940 kWh
Tariff of RM 0.218 RM 0.43 RM 1.29 RM 0.86
Tariff of RM 0.516 RM 1.02 RM 3.07 RM 2.04
Tariff of RM 0.546 RM 1.08 RM 3.24 RM 2.16

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The saving will be expected to be around 3.33 times (333%) from the wattage difference. If your house is just a small apartment and only have 1-2 people staying inside, tariff RM 0.218 might be relevant, which you can see one bulb’s saving could reach RM 0.863. And let’s say you have about 5 bulbs that operate for long hours throughout the night, every month you are able to shred off RM 4.32 off your bill. For one household that its electricity tariff is not more than first tier (first 200kWh usage), this could mean lots of saving to them. Because at max of 200 kWh usage, the charges will be RM 0.218 x 200 kWh, at RM 43.60. And shredding off RM 4.32 off a bill of RM 43.60 (or less), that’s a whooping 10% savings!!

For Tariff of
RM 0.218
6W 18W Savings per month
5 bulbs RM 2.16 RM 6.47 RM 4.32
10 bulbs RM 4.32 RM 12.95 RM 8.63
20 bulbs RM 8.63 RM 25.90 RM 17.27
50 bulbs RM 21.58 RM 64.75 RM 43.16

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And for a bigger family, Tariff of RM 0.546 will be more common to them. This is the group of consumers with their utility bill around RM 400 and less. For this group of users, potential savings is huge as well!

For Tariff of
RM 0.546
6W 18W Savings per month
5 bulbs RM 5.41 RM 16.22 RM 10.81
10 bulbs RM 10.81 RM 32.43 RM 21.62
20 bulbs RM 21.62 RM 64.86 RM 43.24
50 bulbs RM 54.05 RM 162.16 RM 108.11

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Then what if you are a high energy consumption house that paying more than RM 400 bill per month, reaching more than 900kWh usage every month? And your light bulbs uses are average 50Watts? Here’s the comparison you may refer to. A 6W light bulb compare to a 50W light bulb will be about 8.33 times (833%) more.

For Tariff of
RM 0.571
6W 50W Savings per month
5 bulbs RM 5.65 RM 47.11 RM 41.45
10 bulbs RM 11.31 RM 94.22 RM 82.91
20 bulbs RM 22.61 RM 188.43 RM 165.82
50 bulbs RM 56.53 RM 471.08 RM 414.55

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You can now see at 50 light bulbs scenario, after changing 50W light bulbs to 6W, a total of RM 414.55 savings is achievable.

Back to the 6W and 18W. As conclude, changing to lower wattage’s light bulb did help you enjoy significant savings. But then how about the lighting brightness? Will it become dimmer for lower wattage? Here’s the comparison of 6W 3000K light bulb with a 18W 2700K light bulb.

They pretty much the same. What you waiting forrrr?? Head off to your nearest hardware shop and change your household light bulbs to enjoy great savings!


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