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How to Check MPSP Summon – Semakan MPSP Saman


UPDATE 2018: Currently the new site for making payment is at

You may directly check without login at also.

Remember to print and keep a copy of receipt after successful make payment from non-member site.

Compare to MPPP (Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang or Municipal Council of Penang Island), MPSP (Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai or Seberang Perai Municipal Council) has their official work very hardworking and efficiently. That result that I’ve “earned” multiple parking summon in a short period of time =.=

After done some collection of these summons, I’ve decide to pay them off lar.. ishh.

Here’s a guide to show how to pay these summon from their online portal. First gonna go to their check summon page listed below

mpsp check saman

Simply enter your vehicle’s registration number, your summon collection will then show up nicely.

mpsp listing

Here’s the rate for discount listed in table:

mpsp rate

IF you want to pay here, simply just click the “Pay” icon at the right side there and a payment screen will show up.

mpsp pay saman

The payment portal only support pay via credit card, either VISA or Master Card. No option for online transfer or Paypal.

mpsp pay saman credit card

Select your preferred credit card for payment and it will lead you to the page to let you enter card’s detail before proceed to finalise the transaction.

mpsp pay saman screen

Once everything is done, your freshly paid summon will shows pending for payment, just wait them to update as it would need about 2-3 weeks for status update.

Anyway, if you are a parking summon collector hobbyist, you may want to check out their monthly parking car sticker that selling at RM 75 per piece per car registration number per month (sometimes they did give some discount for that car sticker). You will need to visit MPSP main building in Bandar Perda to purchase the sticker. Heading to a counter outside MPSP payment center to find it out.

Click >>here<< if you need help for MPPP summon check.

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