Live. Life is Wonderful. need registration for domain to display image


Any blogger or anyone using to upload and host their image for free like me previously?

While you may now find your photos will all turned out to be a frog image like below:

yup, now need you to go to their website to register your website domain in order to let your free-hosted image to show on your website.

Just go to their Registration page will do.

A nice move by to get information for their users =)

If you not wish to register and expose your information, perhaps you might think to get your own hosting space elsewhere.

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  1. what’s this? is there any article we can find here?

  2. Web Hosting says:

    i want to know more about domain registration. do you have an article about it?

  3. where can i find the article/ i am really interested to see it.

  4. With out domain name we can’t the run the business  So Domain registration is the important part of the every business this information is really very useful to me thanks to sharing 

  5. philwebservices says:

    a great help for us. Do we need to pay for registration ?

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