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Improve Adsense Revenue


How to earn more with Adsense as publisher (blogging)?

This is always the golden question that many publishers/bloggers seeking in their lifetime.

I do not have 100% exact answer to this, however based on what I observe and finding, hope this might help to widen your thought a little (if you have not know this), to improve your ads revenue and earn a little bit more.

Here I will use my data from own Google Analytics, selecting a period of 1 month (31 days, 1 July 2018 – 31 July 2018) to see if there is any significant trend or correlation. All these data can easily export from Google Analytics (Reports > Behaviour > Publisher Pages).

Extracted data are:
– Adsense Revenue/1000 Sessions
– Adsense Revenue
– AdSense Impressions
– Clicks
– AdSense eCPM

Alright, seems there already have a couple of numbers on hand now, let’s see if there’s any relevancy in between each other.

Looking at Ad Session

Ad Session:
The total number of ad sessions. An ad session is counted whenever a user visits your site and views one or more pages with ads within a certain period of time (ref).

Ad session RPM:
The average earnings per 1000 ad sessions (ref).
Formula = (Estimated earnings / Number of ad sessions) * 1000

Above are the explanation on the term.

Ad Sessions seems to be quite relevant to earning. Looks like something about session is correlate to earning. However, when we breakdown the number and looking at “Session vs Revenue” instead of “Revenue/1000 Sessions vs Revenue”, it didn’t show any relevancy at all.

Somehow, this pattern is quite similar to “Impression Vs Revenue” chart.

Looking at Adsense Impression

An impression is counted for each ad request where at least one ad has begun to download to the user’s device. It is the number of ad units (for content ads) or search queries (for search ads) that loaded ads (ref).

Hmm.. yup, it do show that impressions alone seems doesn’t relevant to earning.

And certainly, “Impression/Sessions Vs Revenue” is also having no correlation.

Looking at Adsense Coverage

For coverage, it is not direct correlate on the earning. However, doesn’t mean that low coverage % is ok, it must be above 70% in my opinion.

Looking at Clicks

Somehow, quantity of clicks on ads doesn’t have direct correlation on the earning as well. Meaning that you actually no need to encourage visitor clicking on the ads that much.

Looking at eCPM

The effective Cost per thousand impression.
Formula = (Total Revenue / Ad requests) * 1000

Now, that’s something worth looking into.

The eCPM seems to have clear correlation with revenue. And when eCPM work together with impression, it actually become the estimate revenue, which will be convert into your bank account figures once verified by Google at the end of each billing cycle.

Meaning Adsense Estimated Revenue, which is your earning, is based on (impression * eCPM) / 1000.

When try searching in Google Adsense help page ( but couldn’t find any proper documentation about eCPM, only have CPM. Not sure it got hide up by Google or not yet documented.

So, let say pushing up the number for both impressions and eCPM, will then increase your earning. That sounds logical, however, impression itself is quite a clear understanding on what it is, but for eCPM, it is still an unknown as what it actually is.

The nearest possible term that can be found is the Active View CPM.

Active View CPM:
With Active View cost-per-thousand impressions (Active View CPM) bidding, advertisers bid on 1000 viewable impressions and only pay for impressions that are measured as viewable, that is, when at least 50% of the ad is displayed on-screen for at least one second (ref).

If Active View CPM is eCPM, then the earning is involving active bidding from the advertisers, together with requirement where the time for an ad display on-screen must be more than 1 second.

But but.. However..

Let’s look at this comparison dashboard. Because this Adsense account have low revenue, thus it’s more easy to notice the difference.

In a glance, the first one looks like click is not relevant, while the second one looks like click is relevant to revenue. How it is so? in the above, click was showing not relevant to the revenue, but now..?

It is then to realize, Google Adsense has various type of bidding for the ad. It might be bid on click or it might be bid on impression only, or it might be bid on certain action required on the ad. All these are important factors to make a successful earning for Adsense.

CPA: Cost per Acquisition (or Cost per Action) (ref)
CPE: Cost per Engagement (ref)
CPC: Cost per Click (ref)
CPM: Cost per thousand Impressions (ref)
CPV: Cost per View (ref)


As a conclusion, I would suggest in order to improve Adsense earning, create blogpost with good content (a must) that target advertisers who willing to bid for higher price. The content in the blogpost must be good enough allowing visitor stay longer to read and view on the ad that show up. Only then it can be more profitable for content publisher aka blogger.


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