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Penang 35th PAAA Annual Round the Island Relay 2012


Check end of post for official results.

Was thought PBIM 2012 will be my last run in 2012, and actually rejected to run for this. And joining this year PAAA Annual Round the Island Relay in Penang Island have to thanks to Long Gor and Kevin for the invitation. If they don’t ask me I won’t be joining the fun!

This running event was held in Penang for more than 35 years history now, marking this year as 35th PAAA Annual Round the Island Relay 2012. [PAAA Blog]

The race was a 12 competiting runners relay run, with 3 runners as reserved. Competing runners will be stationed in different route by bus before the race start. Only the first runner will stay at the starting point. There are 12 different routes with different distance and elevation and heat condition. It is crucial to place the right runner at the right route. And for our first time, Kevin helps to place our team in good place =D

Here’s our placing from Chief’s Original Bootcamp Penang for each route and what they are facing. Hooyah!!

Leg 1: Angela (sprinter)
Leg 2: Patrick (sprinter)
Leg 3: Eswaran (sprinter)
Leg 4: Jun Eng (short steep up hill)
Leg 5: Phaik San (sprinter)
Leg 6: Agogo (sprinter)
Leg 7: Marccus (long up hill)
Leg 8: Kevin (20% up hill 80% down hill)
Leg 9: Novelle (down hill)
Leg 10: Tracy (up down hilly road and hot road condition)
Leg 11: Jelin (very hot road condition)
Leg 12: Kelly (very hot road condition)
Reserved: Long Gor, Hooi See, Wan Ying
Supporters: Christina, Bee Ling

Below is the information for each route. And I get one of the two up hill route @.@ goshh..

On the race day, we start gather around 4:30am as the pickup bus will depart from the Penang Townhall at 4:45am.
While I’m on my bus toward the check point, I get the update from whatsapp where the race start at around 5:30am.

After resting awhile in the bus, and reach my check point, station #7 !! Where all the runners here will face the steep climb run.

It’s kinda pitch dark but lucky here got lamp post to brighten up the spot. I heard some station is in darkness and will be dangerous if runner go away themselves from the pack.

What we doing here were just wait, wait and wait for the previous station runner to reach. Lucky that here got a toilet that we get to sneak in to do some business =P

All the time while waiting, lucky I got bring my phone over and able to chat with teammates thru whatsapp and get the updates on timing information =P

Thanks to Long gor, Hooi See, and Wan Ying, they  have been driving since first runner start and stopping by each station to cheers and take nice photos of all of us. Really thankful for got their transportation support XD

After waiting for about near to 3 hours, Agogo is coming up and passing the baton to me and run. Below are the recorded timing.

Seriously this route is not easy. Is a 5.7km distance route, after nearly 2 KM, there start the climb. I just keep my pace and getting myself not to stop. There got few times where really wanted to stop and walk already but thinking that Kevin is waiting up there, just hold on awhile just hold on, I’m coming!! and Jun Eng after he done part, somemore follow from behind the Rela escort, this really give me some push. And thanks to Eswaran that help cheers up along the route!

First time join relay and really enjoy it! As our team manage to get 8th out of 14 Mixed team. The teamwork level in this relay is really too damn high. Looking forward for another great run for this relay! =D


More photos from Long gor (click here) and Christina (Click here)

Here are some video taken during the run.

• Playlist for all videos above •

and not to miss this!! My all time favorite spinning video!! XD

Official result released!

Men Open official result


Men Veteran Open official result


Mixed official result

Men Open individual timing

Men Veteran Open individual timing

Mixed individual timing


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