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Social Media Hidden Threat (Abduct/Rape) to Teenager Girls

An Youtuber namely Coby Persin created a footage showing how easily a teenager get lifted from their home and got themselves into danger, such as abducted or get rape. Watch the video below and really amaze how these teenagers so easily and so naive, where they can just chit chat with stranger and just go […]

Facebook personal information archive download

Some people might not know that Facebook allow user to download a copy of their informations shared on Facebook. Actually you are able to do so. Step 1: Go to “Account Settings” under “Account”. Step 2: Further go to “Download your information”, and click “learn more”. Step 3: Click the GREEN “Download” button, and wait […]

Enhance Facebook account’s security

If your facebook account is mean something important with you, you might want to turn this extra security feature on. It is the account security feature from Facebook that logs your login activity. If you found there is any suspicious login notifications, may click on “end activity” fast. Here’s the simple step to turning it […]

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