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Powerman Malaysia is back on 2016!

After 2 years of stopping since Malakoff pullout as main sponsor back in 2013, Powerman Malaysia is now back in action!! The event detail will be as below Date: 06 March 2016 (Sunday) Venue: Palace of Justice, Presint 3, 62506 Putrajaya, Malaysia Fee: But do aware that there will be service fee and GST incur […]


“@mkini_cn: 耗602亿柔南建炼油化工厂 国油估计每天可提炼卅万桶:“ 看到这则报道, 耗资马币602亿 (MYR 602,000,000,000. 00) 来个炼油和石化综合发展 (RAPID) 计划, 以提升国内石油产品的提炼容量,包括汽油、喷气燃料、柴油等,以期石油产品能应付越趋增加的需求,以及刺激燃料出口。还有, 会增加4000个高技能的就业机会, 等等..  非常壮观的一项计划. 我说呢…. 大马在能源发展这方面, 还真无能. 2011 年了, 很多国家都已朝向绿能源科技发展. 大家都在担心有朝一日, 石油, 自然气, 煤碳, 等等消耗性能源都有耗尽的一天, 而这一天正加快脚步的朝向我们. 国油 (Petronas) 有能力拨出602亿来建个炼油厂, 为何不开始建些风能/水能/太阳能发电场呢? 或者开发些不耗自然能源的科技, 也好嘛. 大马没什大天灾, 难道就无视世界能源短缺的危机?别热到入骨了, 才懂得喊痛. 此时此刻, 还抱着石油紧紧不放, 可真是对科技开倒车. 还说有着国际建筑标志的国油, 可耻啊.. 除了无能, 我也不懂要怎么形容了.. Petronas Boleh!

Malaysia’s mandarin level so gai (terrible) meh?

It is about the visit of a leader from a country represent Chinese in this Earth to a well-known multi-nation country in the world, and yet, such thing happen. Of all who learned mandarin in Malaysia, the very first moment when they look at the wording appears in this remarkable photo, and I believe is.. […]

World most confusing email service provider – Tricubes’s 1 Malaysia email 50 sen per email

Where Gmail have 7GB (and still growing) of email space, Malaysia have their very brilliant offer for their people. By offering a free email to Malaysian, But, it do charge the government agencies for 50 cents per email sent. And this project will required an initial start-up fund of RM 50 million. Really no play […]

The revolution of freedom and independence.

Over the time, how a country fight for freedom, rights, and independence might have proved to change. Where these have to fight with a group of influential respected or representative people, changed to from the citizens themselves.

Malaysia PM open question to people via twitter #tanyanajib

Saw this news from Malaysiakini (source), and go check out from twitter. Yes, it is damn funny XD hahaha Current Malaysia PM Najib was trying to get in touch with social media active Malaysian thru twitter, however, the result turns out (i think) not within his expectation =P You may go to twitter search for […]

Malaysia Budget 2011 revealed!

So, here goes the Malaysia Budget 2011 revealed.. And arr, just would like to share some of my own craps (in orange) as a know-nothing Malaysian… I get this from Star Newspaper Online [source], more info have a look from These are the highlights of Budget 2011: The Govt took into consideration views from […]

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