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Maxis Challenge Network Speed in Deadly Man Vs Network Test

Recently there’s a challenge video by the Maxis Chief Technology Officer Morten Bangsgaard. His team will show you in the video giving you an assurance & promising network speed that have 96% Zero Buffering on YouTube! By mimic the speed of YouTube buffering with a big blade saw chasing an armchair where Morten sit on […]

Maxis Broadband Capping Increased to 6GB!

So today I login into the Maxis Broadband billing account page and check my statement, then found out this… Wow~ They increased the Cap Bandwidth from 3GB to 6GB. hahaha XD is Maxis feeling the pressure from other ISP? And will them increase to 10GB?? 10GB will be the minimum requirement for this premium package […]

the symtoms of “Maxis ask you go to sleep early”

the symtoms of “Maxis ask you go to sleep early”

P.I.M.P. my BroadBand!!

Erm, was saw this thing from both Nuffnang and Digi website. and I actually not quite sure what is the mean of Pimp. From some Dictionary it said.. and Google translate pula is.. Okie, to be honest.. I still don’t know what the heck the word “PIMP” is!!! XD wakaka Let me guess.. Is it […]

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