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Ideal life Vs Real life

Receive this sharing email from lay leng. The clock of ideal life vs real life.. Hahah XD how true it is? =D Enjoy the day =)

Simple Complication

Life is simple yet complicate. W-h-y-? Because, when we young, we learn to answer True or False, Yes or No. There is only one answer. And when we grow, the answer we know earlier is now become ambiguous. There is no longer only True or False, Yes or No. It is now included True and […]

Reset to be pressed..

It’s nearly time to press reset button… again. How many times that you have pressed the reset button of your life? to reset the bank account.. to reset a relationship.. to reset a marriage.. to reset the job.. to reset the business.. to reset… ? Pressing reset button for life is always not an easy […]

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