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人生有时好比香蕉. 何有此言? 香蕉一束, 外貌美满结实的卖得四至六元一斤, 外貌腐丑的卖得少过二元可找. 介于蕉以重量定贵廉, 价钱高的, 蕉量不一定多, 价钱低的, 蕉量也不一定少. 所谓蕉量是你买得的一束香蕉里有几条香蕉可以可你吃. 付得不一定吃得多,付得少不一定吃得少.

Simple Complication

Life is simple yet complicate. W-h-y-? Because, when we young, we learn to answer True or False, Yes or No. There is only one answer. And when we grow, the answer we know earlier is now become ambiguous. There is no longer only True or False, Yes or No. It is now included True and […]

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