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7 tips to save electricity utility bill effectively


Electricity tariff keep on rise and rise where household utility bill become quite a burden to most family. There are some practice and habit that can help to reduce electricity consumption in order to save more on your monthly utility bill. Check them out!


1. Use energy efficient light bulbs


Use CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulb or LED (light-emitting diode) bulb. Avoid using halogen or incandescent bulb. Plan your installation amount of light fixture and choose the relevant wattage and lumen (brightness) accordingly for room/space usage. Some area that are small and just required short period of time to light up (eg. washroom) may choose to use CFL bulb, while some area like living room that required longer hour and bigger space for lighting, may choose to install more LED bulbs. Aware on the limitation of on/off life-cycle for CFL bulbs. Consider using a unit 5-watt bulb in small area and a 20-watt bulb or higher lumen bulb in a larger space area.


2. Use inverter type for any motor-related appliances (fridge, air conditioner, washing machine, etc)

inverter motor

Change all the motor-related appliance to inverter type. Inverter refrigerator, inverter air-conditioner, inverter washing machine, inverter freezer, etc etc. Although inverter type appliances are much more expensive, it’s a worth investment to go for in the long run.


3. Switch off Astro decoder when not in use


or any other decoder. Why? When your decoder in standby mode, it consume almost 80% of the energy when you are turn it on. Even some decoder like Astro encourage users to turn it on and put in idle mode when not watching their channel, reason is to enable updates occurs from time to time. However, just turn it off doesn’t make any much different for their functionality, but it could help you save more energy.


4. Plan your ironing time


A normal electric iron consume about 900-1000 watt while steamer iron consume 20-30% more energy. Iron your cloths routinely twice a week for a slightly longer hours is much more better than iron cloths daily. Considering every day iron 2-3 cloths that will take around 15-minutes time, that will need about 4 and half hours and consumed about 4000 watts in a week. Compare to iron 9-10 cloths every 3-4 days that might require half an hours to one hour time for the job, it just let you consume up to 2000 watts in a week only. Plan ahead in a week, it helps.


5. Switch off water heating device when not in use

water heater

Water heaters consume massive amount of energy when it boil water. A normal water heater consume about 2000-3000-watt for boiling the water inside, and to keep the water inside maintain the temperature, it might re-boil every half and hours to one hour of the duration. Image every hour your water heaters using 3000-watt to just heat up the water that you are not sure when to use it, isn’t it just a waste of energy? Just turn it off while not in use lah.


6. Desktop or Laptop Computer?

desktop laptop

Did you know that desktop computer consume 2 – 3 times more energy than laptop? Inside the desktop computer have power supply unit that would required 250 – 400 watts for power-up, while laptop using adapter that required just about 40-60 watt for powering up.


7. Use gas stove to cook water instead of electric kettle

kettle gas stove

Recall from point 5, electric kettle and water heater consume similar amount of energy to heat up and boil water. Using gas stove to heat water help you save nearly 3000 watt for each boiling.


Although there are plenty more of electricity saving tips, however if all the above tips have become your habit, it will easily help you save 10-20% of your electricity bill effortlessly =)


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