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Update Facebook status from Twitter using Selective Tweet


If you wish to update Facebook status from Twitter, there is one alternative way in doing so, which is using Selective Tweet Facebook Apps.


Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Under the section “Your Profile”, write in your twitter username in the box after “@” symbol, then click save.

Step 3. You can now update your status in Twitter and put a hastag fb “#fb” behind the status.

For eg, when you write “Hi Friday!!! #fb” in Twitter. Then your update will appear in Facebook as “Hi Friday!!!



Sometimes, after you confiured the setting, but the updates from twitter still not update into your Facebook wall, then you might want to see the following:

1. Are your updates protected?
This app won’t work if your updates are protected. Go to and un-tick the box “protect my updates”.

2. Are your updates appearing in Twitter Search? (This is usually the problem if the app worked before but suddenly stopped)
Sometimes there is a problem with Twitter accounts where your updates don’t appear in the public search results, even though your updates are not protected. To check go to to do a search for your twitter username and ensure that your updates appear.

If your updates don’t appear in the search, try protecting your updates and then unprotecting them again by ticking the box at, saving, and then going back and un-ticking it. You’ll need to post a new tweet to test whether this worked.

If you’ve tried this and your tweets still don’t appear in the search, you need to contact Twitter support and ask them to fix your account so that your tweets are public and searchable.

Unfortunately I cannot do anything to fix this for you if this is the problem

3. Are you waiting long enough for your update to go through?
Usually your updates will appear on Facebook within 2 minutes, however sometimes when Twitter is having difficulties (fail whale..) it can take quite a bit longer. To check whether your last update should have gone through, do a search for yourself on Twitter search at If your update is displaying then it should appear on Facebook within 2 minutes. If not then we need to wait for Twitter to catch up.

4. Is the #fb hashtag at the end of your tweet?
* The hashtag should be added to the end of your tweet (one exception: it’s ok if the #fb is followed by a space and then a link, e.g. “This is my tweet #fb”. This ensures it will still work with apps that automatically add links e.g. TwitPic)

* There must be a space before the hashtag.

5. Have you installed the app correctly?
Go back to the setup page ( for your personal profile, for fan pages) and check the following:

* Have you entered your twitter username correctly?

* Have you given the app permission to update your status on Facebook? (You’ll see a message if not)

Enjoy social tweeting and facebooking =)


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