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Colbie Caillat’s You Got Me

Featured in the movies Leap Year and Letters to Juliet, and the TV series Melrose Place, this song is really a sweetener =)   You Got Me – Colbie Caillat You’re stuck on me and my laughing eyes I can’t pretend though I try to hide I like you~ I like you~ I think I […]

Owl City’s Vanilla Twilight

This is such a lovely and serene song from Owl City, simply love it! Vanilla Twilight – Owl City The stars lean down to kiss you And I lie awake and miss you Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere Cause I’ll doze off safe and soundly But I’ll miss your arms around me I’d […]

Agnes Milowka and Sanctum

Knowing about this lady after watching the movie directed by James Cameron – Sanctum. Sanctum A short intro for the movie, because I feel it is not bad and inspired to watch it. The movie is real story filming inspired by Andrew Wight’s cave diving experience that lead to a cave incident that trapped 13 […]

Cry of the Snow Lion – Know more about Tibet

This story of Tibet must not bury unknown. The beautiful flower of Tibet that contain dried flesh blood which have not known by many people. How one could cope with the people praying and believing at own religion but at the same time killing it? I have yet visit to Tibet, and I wish to […]

黄小琥 – 伴

寻寻匿匿.. 寻寻匿匿.. 要找的爱也是一生的伴. 黄小琥 – 伴 如果命运可以定做 如果有另一次选择 我想我还是会把手让你紧握 快乐的陪你去坎坷 就算你有天变落魄 就算你老的不能动 我想我还是会挽着你看日落 你的心疼在泪光中 嘴巴上彼此嫌麻烦 眼神中关怀那么满 没说爱却早已认定一辈子的伴 在人前从来不浪漫 在心中却总为对方打算 最懂的人最暖的伴 就算我以后变罗嗦 就算我老了有病痛 我想你还是会照顾我到最后 隐藏最弱不眠不休 嘴巴上彼此嫌麻烦 眼神中关怀那么满 没说爱却早已认定一辈子的伴 在人前从来不浪漫 在心中却总为对方打算 最懂的人最暖的伴 嘴巴上彼此嫌麻烦 眼神中关怀那么满 没说爱却早已认定一辈子的伴 在人前从来不浪漫 在心中却总为对方打算 最懂的人最暖的伴 哦 没有辛酸,没有遗憾 什么是陪伴,什么是心安 你是答案

A Little Bit More by Air Supply (true story behind and lyric)

Went to Air Supply’s concert just now with LayLeng at PISA, Penang. These two old folks (Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock) with their band are performing very great and amazing! Don’t let their elderly outfit blind you, they still able to Rock you!! =D Throughout the concern, Graham Russell have solo’ed one song, that he […]

Arrietty’s Song lyric – English and Japanese

Arrietty’s Song lyric – English and Japanese

New Studio Ghibli’s movie – The Borrower Arrietty

I just get to know that very recently Studio Ghibli have just roll out their new movie – The Borrower Arrietty (借りぐらしのアリエッティ Karigurashi no Arietti). Waiting to get a chance to watch it !! =D The story is like fairy tales, screening about the friendship between the normal human boy, Shō (翔) (erm erm, one of […]

City of God – Cidade de Deus 2002

This is a 2002 movie that I just able to know and watch it recently. This film until now is still having good review from every else where. It do earn lots of award and nominations, and also, listed as “50 Films Must Watch Before You Die!”  hahaha. The story screens about the life in […]

Ayaka Hirahara

recently, marccus is overwhelmingly addicted to her voice.

gone, i am totally gone with the frequency that come out from her…

Sipek Rojak ar… the song

wakakak XD
everyone have fun with this !! XD

Merry Christmas!! ^^ Mistletoe~

Merry Christmas to Everyone!! ^^

陶喆 – 你的歌

你的歌 喜欢你冷淡的安静 笑容又胜过了太阳 我只能投降 怀疑自己的冲动 怕机会一瞬间错过 决定不再想 你说我们是两个 世界的人但是否可能 我相信只要我爱你 什麽都可以 一切都可以 我爱你 爱你没道理 没道理爱你 爱你就可以 就是痴心的 痴心的沉溺 沉溺在爱你 就让我沉溺 yeah… 无法理解你不说话 我进不到你心里面 像有一道墙 怀疑当初的冲动 是不是开始就是错 许多事没想 你说我们是两个世界的人已 没有可能 woo… 我以为只要我爱你 什麽都可以 一切都可以 我爱你 爱你没道理 没道理爱你 爱你就可以 就是痴心的 痴心的沈你 沈你在爱你 就让我沈你 或许不爱你 也不需要你 我无法继续 继续骗我自己 必须要放弃 要放弃了你 别在我心底 希望他比我 爱你 爱你 还是你的歌

First Love Ice Kacang

I think this will be a nice movie ^^ First Love Ice Kacang

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