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To mark all fitness activities and events. Run, bike, swim, marathon, dualthlon, triathlon, bootcamp, and other training etc.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 result is out!

All right, and now the result is out for PBIM 2011. from PBIM Official website [Click here] This year, I join the same as last year which is 21KM Half Marathon with my loves one and friends. Different from last year where I still have jogging approximate 4 days per week before the D-day, this […]

Runkeeper – New trend of mobile health tracker?

I’m not sure if anyone of you who owe a smartphone using any running or sport tracking software? But I do tried on one, which is Runkeeper ( It is not bad =)  You may try go to apps store to download it and try also, it is free (available for Android and iPhone). Else […]

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 result is out!

Result is Out!! and can download from Link below: from PBIM official website [Click Here] Approx. 2MB from Rapid Share [Click Here]  Approx. 7MB This year I’ve joined the Penang Bridge International Marathon for Half Marathon category. First time to run for 21KM, but i’m actually walked alot instead of running, hahah XD After running for […]

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