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Gong Xi Fa Cai 2013!


Xin Nian Jing Bu

Been busy the past few months for few things, and finally get to settle down abit and resume blog =P

During these period of time, first to mention must be the Penang Urban Triathlon on 20 Jan 2013. Just after know how to swim in freestyle, I was then sick for about a week before the race, no time to practice more and not really confident to swim at the deepest part of the pool. Just few days before the race, body only got better and back to pool for some swim, only then swim to the deepest part for about 2 times. In triathlon, the only part I concern is the swim.

Luckily, I’m able to finish the race, 800m (pool) swim, 20Km ride, 5Km run, in 2 hours 7 min. Was the last to finish the race cause really struggle lots in swimming. using nearly 1 hour to finish that 800m swim. Cough make me out of breath in the middle of the swim and really panic me out few times. Phew, lucky this event the swim was held in a pool, I get to hold on the rope. Really feel sorry for life guides who have to wait till I get out from water only can go see other section of the race. Bike was ok and thanks to Jun Eng borrow me his road bike =D When running time, thanks to Chun Howe cheering to keep me moving without stall. When running back to finish line, Gim May and Neoh also follow me behind run to keep moving. Really thanks all of them, else I will walking to the end. hahaha!

Will traing more for the next event! =D

Penang Urban Triathlon

Urban Triathlon Last Rider


Graduation was the week after the sprint tri event. And finally, get to graduate! Start the course since mid of 2009, been thru the hard time, and now finally get the piece of paper. should have graduate last year by right, but was demotivated by the lousy college system, dragggg till now only finish it. Well, glad that I’m in the final batch of Nottingham Trent University. Can’t imagine how struggle the students will be if they still tie up with Olympia. A college that using 80’s portal system and outdated college library. But luckily the tutor/lecturer who doing teaching and guidance were great. Learn a lot from their experience but not from the words/terms in the books.

and many do ask me, what I wanna do next after this? get better job? go for other direction? During this time, I’ve change 3 jobs and why I study MBA is just purely my own interest to enhance my knowledge, not to gain any monetary benefits as return. Glad too, all my coursemates graduated finally =)

MBA Graduation with Scott, Ee Ling, Ms Tong

MBA Graduation with my love

MBA Graduation


What relieve more was my little 700sqft unit that nearly done and to be move in soon =D Until now still have negative cash flow due to buying furniture, electrical appliances, etc. But this will soon come to an end and will slowly get the cash flow back to healthy one. Even a small house unit, but still I don’t have much budget for it. Most of the things are DIY whenever I can. Except kitchen get from contractors to do it, same goes to open concept wardrobe. And also wiring things that I’m not familiar with and scare mixed up the coloured wired then get electrocuted =P Other than that, painting, plumbing (spent some money buying wrong things), dining tables, chairs, etc were installs part by part. Enjoyed the process with my love and it was fun =D

Can’t wait to move in once the whole unit is functional ^^

Dining table done

Fixing dining table

Preview light fixture


This year, gonna blog more, run more, swim more, and get a bike to ride more =D

In this Year of Water Snake, let’s the peace and prosperious ‘chi’ flow around me and everyone! It’s gonna be a great year ahead! =D

CNY 2013



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