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How to clear junk files and boost memory from your iPhone to enhance phone performance


In iPhone iOS, not like in Android, there’s always a pain where users can’t actually clear their junk files from apps that might piling up and eat up lots of storage space which can let you have better use of them.

After searching awhile and found this apps called CM Security. Been using it for some while and I’m happy to say that it did helps to do the job that I wanted.

If you guys want to free up some space or boost up your phone memory. Might want to give it a try =)

The UI interface is nice. Simple, sleek & elegant.


Simply hit the “Clean” button to let it start executing the process.


If your storage space is getting tight, it will pop up a reminder message. Can just click “Done” to close it.


After scanning, it will automatically show if there’s any junk file that could be cleared to free up your storage. If there’s any, it will detect and delete them automatically for you.


The process will show done and summarize what it have achieve for you.


When you check back again, it will show up latest storage space. It won’t really have huge difference, and the process won’t affect your other apps data.


For boosting memory, you can see there’s a button to choose from at the bottom left corner. hit it and it show how’s your memory status currently.


You may then hit “Scan” button to let it start its work.


Scanning scanning scanning..


When it finished up scanning, hit the “Reallocate” button.


Reallocating reallocating reallocating..


When it done, there will be a summarize of how much speed it helps to boost, and also how much storage space it helps to free up also.


Currently, once awhile I will simply go to this apps to clear junk files and free up some memory. Although it won’t helps a lot, but it did give me a smoother phone usage experience. Try it out =)

And yea, there’s Android version of it too.


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