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How to Present like a Pro with Extended Screen


There’s quite often that I saw many presenters presenting slides or videos straight away when they connect to the additional monitor screen or to the projector screen. This happens commonly in some occasion, be it in a wedding dinner or presentation to client or presentation for your project etc etc. And show everyone what they do before they presenting.

Not sure if they know that most of the laptop display card actually support extended monitor feature that could let you ‘extend’ your Windoes desktop view and made the add-on screen Serve as secondary screen.

Why you should (and must) know about how to use the extended screen during presentation?


  • Hide your messy and icon-filled Windows desktop view.
  • Avoid your clicking and browsing thru folders viewed by your audience, which sometimes could be quite embarrassing.
  • Looks more Pro to your audience.

hmm, not quite have any.


Here’s some simple and fast steps on how to do it.

1. Right click onto any empty space of your desktop and call out the desktop menu. Select Graphics Option > Output To > Extended Desktop > Built-in Display + Digital Television
– If you choose Digital Television + Built-in Display, it means that your laptop screen will serve as secondary screen.
– If you select Clone Display, if will be same like you show everything you did on your screen to your audience.

Extended Screen Presentation

2. Now when you present your slides from Power Point by pressing F5 hotkey, you will see that your secondary screen (add-on monitor or projector screen) will show only your slides, while in your own view from your laptop it will show something awesome like space control cockpit. This is where you are able do some magic to impress your audience, be it like use pen or highlight feature to add note on your presenting slides, hide or show your slides, preview your next slides, review your slides notes and enhance your presenting performance, and more.Both Screen


Screen from your Laptop

main screen

Screen from your extended screen
extended screen

So now, have fun while presenting and looks Pro at the same time! 🙂

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