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Sponsor is now available in Penang, Malaysia


“This event is sponsored by Sponsor!”

Probably this line sounds funny, but I believe it will heard more often in sports events in Malaysia.

Sponsor is another product by Red Bull. It’s a non-caffeine & non-carbonated electrolyte (isotonic) sport drink that’s very well recognize in Thailand, for more than 30 years.

On 27 Feb 2016, Charles who’s the GM of Sponsor and also from Red Bull Malaysia, officially launch this product to be available in Malaysia, but first will be in Penang (lucky la Penang people, hehe).

Sponsor launching in Penang Malaysia - the Stage

I was got to know this events from Facebook and also from sport-active friends, then saja go for fun la. The event take place in Hin Bus Depot Art Centre. Nicely setup and you can feel it’s Red Bull style of event when you first step in.

The energetic Emcee who keep drinking Sponsor.

Sponsor launching in Penang Malaysia - Emcee

The GM Mr Charles. You might want to contact him if interested to ask him for any event sponsorship πŸ™‚

Sponsor launching in Penang Malaysia - GM

Line up here are the invited sports expert, from the left, Dr Ng Hian Chen from Loh Guan Lye Specialist Hospital, Jesslyn Ch’ng the nutritionist, Jeremy Ng the sport instructor, Mr G the sport coach in Penang, and the most important Ms. Chin Mei See! well known for 2015 Ironman Langkawi – Top Malaysian Women.

They all been giving great speech and info about how to hydrate your body to keep them function well to gain optimum sport performance.

Sponsor launching in Penang Malaysia - Invited Speakers

For sure, you are able to grab as much of free trial can of the drink as you want.

Sponsor launching in Penang Malaysia - Free Trial Counter

Would we see this Yellow Box soon enough in most of the sport events?

Sponsor launching in Penang Malaysia - The Yellow Box

and here got the official undressing the big yellow can applause

Sponsor launching in Penang Malaysia - Launching

Sponsor launching in Penang Malaysia - Launching forward

After the event, we are invited to Neo Hotel where it just opposite to the event place for a nice lunch.

Sponsor launching in Penang Malaysia - Sponsored Lunch

Yup, now Malaysia athlete would have another superb sport drink choice in their list.

Sponsor launching in Penang Malaysia

Do like their FB for any upcoming activities and updates,

From the GM, currently Sponsor drink will available in few places in Penang such as 99 Speedmart, but he’s working to make this available on shelf in most of the supermarkets store in a couple of week. So grab one to try it when you spot one. It taste not bad πŸ™‚

If you would like to know the content, for each can (325ml) contains the following.
Protein: 1g
Sugar: 34g
Sodium: 290mg
Potassium: 50mg
Total energy: 140 kcal.

Sponsor Sport Isotonic Electrolyte Drink Nutrition Content Info

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