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Justin Bieber new hairstyle

Omg, saw this on The Sun newspaper this morning. I only have one word when saw his new hairstyle, “OMG……..” For all the Justin Bieber fan out there, what do you think about his new hairstyle?? Before After And the new hairstyle looks like help biggen* his eyes XD hahahahahah *p/s: biggen: It means Enlarge […]


有时经过一些人家家户, 会不时注意到门前上方有个蛮大的方块. 方块上有写三个字 ‘”XX堂”.

最近才知道其实是和姓氏有关. 这方块的东西其实是叫”堂号”. 也称”郡(jun4)号(hao4)”.

通常高挂的堂号代表着这户人家是什么姓氏, 什么宗族, 或什么家族. 堂号有分广义, 狭义之分.

广义的是指和姓氏的地望有关系, 或者代表发祥祖地. 而狭义的是以祖先的德望, 功业, 等等, 自立多样化堂号.


1. 以血缘关系命名堂号
2. 以地域命名堂号…

从一个男人身上看出他的修养和抱负 (转载)





C-VAT Personal Value Profiling – Jobs Personality Test

Recently I’ve signed up another job hunting web service, the Trying to search if there is any better career opportunity for myself. Throughout the process while filling the personal information, there have one section let me undergo one personality test, that called C-VAT personal value profiling ( I have never known about this personality […]

BlackBerry versus Apple

Since Apple introduce iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, and recently iPhone 4G. And BlackBerry have rollout BB Curve 9300, Bold 9700, and recently BB Torch 9800. Both of them are highly competitive in the mobile phone market. Today, know from my colleague Ah Liew, that last year BlackBerry and Apple do have this competitive advertisement, hahaha […]

Aung San Suu Kyi

Recently there have a news regarding freed of Aung San Suu Kyi (昂山素姬), a great women fighting for democracy in Burma. For then only I started to know about her. For 21 years placed under continuous house arrest, she have not stop in hoping giving a democratic world to Burmese people. She even won the […]

How to check MPPP summon – Semakan MPPP saman

Please go to due to MPPP is now MBPP and their web address have changed.       The recent company I’m working at is located in Georgetown area near banking street. And company didn’t have much parking lots for employees, very few. So I will have to park at those meter system public […]

The fact about what is cover in the exam during college or university

I am deeply believe.. This intersection mapping is applicable to most of the Colleges and Universities’ students wanted to know what topic to be cover in the exam. hahah How true isn’t it? =P

Lion-Eating Poet: The amazement of chinese characters .. “施氏食狮史”: 中文字的奥妙

Saw the Lion-Eating Poet “施氏食狮史” on the net and here to share it out. What is wonderful about chinese ancient knowledge in creating their character is that, there will have character pronounced in similar syllable but carried different meaning. This interesting essay was originated by Zhao Yuan Ren (赵元任) at 1930. When reading out each […]

Update PTPTN from 3% to 1% interest rate. Starting November 1, 2010

Hey guys, I have just tried it out. And it work like this. hahah First, Go to, and choose for “Kemaskini Maklumat bagi Permohonan Penukaran Pinjaman (3%) kepada Pembiayaan Ujrah (1%)“ Second, there will be an email sent to your inbox, check it and click on the link in there. Third, update your information […]

Traffic and Blood

First of all, things written are all plain crap and imaginary.. so, it’s like this.. While today I’m riding motor to work, my mind think of something.. There are some simple similarity in between the road traffic and blood which further describe as below: Car: Represent Red Blood Cell aka Erythrocyte. Travel accordingly inside the […]

Ideal life Vs Real life

Receive this sharing email from lay leng. The clock of ideal life vs real life.. Hahah XD how true it is? =D Enjoy the day =)

What will you do if you see this when you logged in to your nuffnang account?

What will you do if you see this when you logged in to your nuffnang account?
How good if this is real hor?

something teacher don’t show you in school – the comparison chart for Level of Cuteness

This is something teacher don’t show you when you in primary school. The comparison chart of cute-ness. (* Chu-Bi, is hokkien means Cute) For god’s sake, please wash your eye after see’ing this post.

100 Places to Go in Earth before they gone!!

Saw from Khee Shan’s facebook sharing about this book, the 100 places in Earth to go before they disappear. Due to the ever increasing environmental issue, such places are degrading and going to gone… So must pay a visit to there once in a lifetime fast! and when go to these place, do take good care there also ar…

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