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Things I found on web or real life that worth a share.

something teacher don’t show you in school – the comparison chart for Level of Cuteness

This is something teacher don’t show you when you in primary school. The comparison chart of cute-ness. (* Chu-Bi, is hokkien means Cute) For god’s sake, please wash your eye after see’ing this post.

100 Places to Go in Earth before they gone!!

Saw from Khee Shan’s facebook sharing about this book, the 100 places in Earth to go before they disappear. Due to the ever increasing environmental issue, such places are degrading and going to gone… So must pay a visit to there once in a lifetime fast! and when go to these place, do take good care there also ar…

Linked at http://www….


于email收到这个呜莎呜莎测试, 大家不妨来玩玩 😛

Dewey Color System® career testing

Get to know from Swen that have this kind of test from Yahoo webpage (

The result is interesting =D

You all may go and try out from the link below:…


好的,自momo和俊杰都转载了.. 我也来份 XD bwahaha. 懂我的就可知它的准确度 =D

瑤式愛情小說中的男主角,絕對不會是處女座的男子,抽象的觸電感覺,對一個典型的處女座男人來說實在是太不實際了。那 種四目交接,立即就會勾動天雷地火的事情,只會發生在封神榜之類的神話故事裡。所以如果你遇上了一個處女座的男人,如果你愛上他,請不要…

241543903 – Images of people putting their head in the freeze

I saw this eye-catching word from facebook posting and found it so funny!! XD wakakak Try to search 241543903 in google image.. After make some search and it was actually about taking a picture of your head inside the freeze and name it 241543903. Hahahha XD you know what? they even have its website and […]

2010 Handbook

Hehe, saw this from momo’s blog (

Very nice! and I think most people should have good to know it too. XD

HANDBOOK 2010 (in very simple understandable English Language)…

Teach you how to flip a bird, in Six simple steps.

Essential equipments:

1. Scissors

2. A piece of paper

3. Pen

Then just follow the simple steps…

教你如何折鸟, 简单六步骤.

必备道具: 1. 剪刀 2. 纸张 3. 笔 然后, 步骤简单如下: 完成后, 照着镜子对着说.. 我为你感到骄傲!! XD wakaka

Payment method for World Vision Child Sponsorship Programme

Payment method for World Vision Child Sponsorship Programme

You Know You Are Living In 2009 when…

Saw this short notes in a forwarded email, and found it.. yeah, I’m living in 2009 XD wakaka ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * You […]

Funny little Panda Sneezing

Wakakaka XD Forgive little marccus. He just can’t stop laughing when watching this!! XD kaka Enjoy!!!

little marccus is Tom Cruise?

These few days, little marccus is tired to the max, which due long hours of staying awake…. He is gonna dead very soon XD wakaka However, today he have had a very funny conversation in the phone in office with a client..  that make him alive for awhile.. little marccus: “Good Afternoon, Exabytes.” little marccus […] – improve your english if you are chinese educated

Here I would like to introduce a website for improve our English! Especially if you are chinese educated like marccus. hehe Because the website is written in mandarin, and I can easy understand what the fellow write also XD kaka it is.. ta daa~~ hehe, check it out and see whether it is helpful […]

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