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Things I found on web or real life that worth a share.

Teach you how to flip a bird, in Six simple steps.

Essential equipments:

1. Scissors

2. A piece of paper

3. Pen

Then just follow the simple steps…

教你如何折鸟, 简单六步骤.

必备道具: 1. 剪刀 2. 纸张 3. 笔 然后, 步骤简单如下: 完成后, 照着镜子对着说.. 我为你感到骄傲!! XD wakaka

Payment method for World Vision Child Sponsorship Programme

Payment method for World Vision Child Sponsorship Programme

You Know You Are Living In 2009 when…

Saw this short notes in a forwarded email, and found it.. yeah, I’m living in 2009 XD wakaka ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * You […]

Funny little Panda Sneezing

Wakakaka XD Forgive little marccus. He just can’t stop laughing when watching this!! XD kaka Enjoy!!!

little marccus is Tom Cruise?

These few days, little marccus is tired to the max, which due long hours of staying awake…. He is gonna dead very soon XD wakaka However, today he have had a very funny conversation in the phone in office with a client..  that make him alive for awhile.. little marccus: “Good Afternoon, Exabytes.” little marccus […] – improve your english if you are chinese educated

Here I would like to introduce a website for improve our English! Especially if you are chinese educated like marccus. hehe Because the website is written in mandarin, and I can easy understand what the fellow write also XD kaka it is.. ta daa~~ hehe, check it out and see whether it is helpful […]

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