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How to Terminate (Cancel) TM Unifi Service


First, find the nearest TM Point in your area, you can check at this page Find TM Point. Take note on their business day and hours before visit to there. Unless there some specifically stated, most of the TM Point business hours are Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:30pm and they do open during lunch. There do have TM Point that open everyday, like the one in Quill City Mall operating Monday – Sunday, 10.00am – 10.00pm.

For what items need to bring along, it’s not necessary need to bring all the equipment to TM Point and return them.

Equipment list

There are 2 scenario.

1. Your TM Unifi Contract is ended.

Things to bring:

  • Your IC
  • HUAWEI VSDL2 Modem


2. Your TM Unifi Contract is still serving.

Things to bring:

  • Your IC
  • Residential Gateway RG D-Link Wireless Router
  • HppTV Set-Top-Box STB
  • Debt Phone
  • RM 500.00 termination fee (cash or card)


Here’s how the equipment looks like:

DECT Phone

DECT Phone

HppTV Set-Top-Box (STB)

HppTV Set-Top-Box STB



Residential Gateway (RG) D-Link Wireless Router

Residential Gateway RG D-Link Wireless Router

Bring the required items to the TM Point, get the queue number from the reception counter. Wait for your turn. The process won’t be too long, will take around 2-5 minutes for fingerprints verification and confirmation of termination.

Once complete, the officer will print out the Summary sheet for you to keep a record. The termination process from TM’s side will then take about 14 days to complete.

Unifi Termination Summary

How about the subscription fee that hanging?

You will need to pay the subscription fee until the date of termination submission day. If you are paying using Auto-Debit service, the bill payment will count until termination submission day, and if you paid extra, TM will refund back to you via cheque posting.

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  1. winson says:

    i have issue for extra payment.
    i have auto debit with unifi and i have subscribe terminated and unifi send letter for last bill.
    i pay by internet banking. next day unifi cost my credit card again by auto debit charge 2 time bill.
    unifi never reply me any letter for extra payment. i have go their website left feedback message and get nothing reply also since this 4 days. i worry my money.

    • Marccus says:

      Hi Winson, I would recommend you to bring the proof of payment from ur bank and bring over to TM Point and show them over the counter, I think they should be able to assist on refund back the extra payment.

  2. aaron says:

    Unless i read wrongly. U stated that if the contract has ended i only need to return to them the huawei modem. What about the other stuff like the hyppTV set top box, cordless phone, router etc.? What if i’ve just upgraded from Unifi to Maxis broadband which is using back the current TM’s huawei modem?

    • Marccus says:

      hi @disqus_M5qbrRD3v8:disqus, ya, if contract ended they just need Huawei modem back. If still have contract then they will collect all other stuff. II think if not wrong when u sign up with Maxis they will give u a whole new set of equipment.

  3. zack says:

    what if i still have the contract with TM and have an outstanding bills which my housemate dont want to pay. i want to terminate the TM streamyx. so i have to pay RM500 for terminate right? do i need to pay the outstanding bill first or i can just terminate it first then i pay the outstanding bills later?

  4. Tang says:

    I want to cancel the online register TM unifi. How go cancel ?

  5. ng says:

    hi….what are the fastest way to terminate ur unifi immediately for not any delay …and no need to paid against for the next billing?

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