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Ride For Cleaner & Greener 2013 Where2Go Ultimate Challenge


Sharing this event that I joined last weekend to raise some awareness in case anyone would like to join in future.

The event namely Where2Go Ultimate Challenge 2013 organised by Cleaner & Greener Sports, is an event convering 85KM round Penang island or 40km fun ride.

you may find them at:
Facebook page:
Website: or (currently been hacked while writting this post)
Facebook Event page: or

Event details:
Registration fee: RM 70 same for all categories.
Distance and Cut-off time for categories: ELITE (85KM in 3.5hours), Amateur (85KM in 4hours), Fun Ride (40KM in 2.5 hours)
Timing Chips: Available for Elite and Amateur only.
Jersey: Available for all categories.


where2go detail

Event date

I registered and join the Amateur category as my first cycling event, from my own experience, I would not joining any event organized bu this Cleaner & Greener Sports, no more. Reason? As I understand too that not every events are perfect, but there’re some flaws in the events that make me feel like this event is just want to make profit and not really enthusiasm in sports.

Pre-Race Day:
– Jersey size not provided as the measurement stated earlier and they still did not admit the problem until the very last minute. All the size are smaller by 2 size, and most riders can’t wear and have to swap among themselves. Some even can’t get any jersey at all.
– Last minute informed that no timing chips for amateur categeory, and told that they will using photo taking method as the timing record procedure. What a joke?

no chip

Race Day:
– No proper marshall guidance. I only saw the marshall with superbike guide awhile until Bayan Lepas/Batu Maung there then no more.
– Medical team as the volunteers to giving out water at water station.
– Shortage of water station where found out that some are too hidden or can’t be seen at all.
– Poor traffic control. Only one Rela at some traffic light (not all) to guide the vehicles. Gurney drive area was so narrow the road that riders have to sandwich between cars to slowly pass thru (I thought this was a race event?)
– No isotonic or any food supply. That I can’t tahan and stop at a small grocery shop near Tanjong Bungah to buy 100plus and a small bun I keep behind my jersey.
– Limited support team on road. Where I saw few riders with tire puncture just wait there helplessly or have to repair themselves.

– Medal collections counter are so messy in giving out medals. The counter is just under a tree with few tables and riders just sandwich among to get the medals.
– Given RM 5 cash voucher to the don’t know what food charity thing, that I could only get my self a cup of sugar cane drink which cost me RM 4. The balance just wasted like this as those hawkers stall didn’t want received cash but only the cash voucher.
– Organiser just silence for all these problems (will update here when there’s any announcement officiate by them)
– No halal food provided to Muslim riders (what a disrespect).
– Lucky draw drag until 1pm-2pm and the MC just shout the number without knowing what items is giving out. Riders just sit under shade looking at their numbers from far. Imagine the lucky draw drag till so late and how about those outstation riders that need to check out from their hotel stay?

Anyhow, even the event itself is so bad, me and friends just enjoy myself and doing our best to finish it. Kudos to Simon, Kiwi, Kevin, Jelin, and Jun Eng for finishing their round island route and my darling Novelle and Sue Ying for finishing the 40KM (so next round island event must go full ady =P). And thanks to Phaiks San waiting for the long hours for helping us taking nice photos on that day.

Round Island Where2Go 1

Round Island Where2Go 2

Round Island Where2Go 3


And here’s the data recorded using Garmin FR210:

So, lesson learnt from this event, riders just have to be extra cautious. Really can’t imagine this event spoilt how many riders impression toward Penang cycling event, and also car drivers toward cyclists. Just enough no more next time.


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