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Add Google Talk’s ChatBack in Website, in 4 steps

Anyone is Gmail user? Then sure will have using Google Talk in the Email often. Now, you can actually integrate the Google Talk into your blog/website and trigger the chat with your blog readers =D Here is how it get to done. Step 1. Login to your Google Account. Step 2. Goto URL below, and […]

How to Add Photo Watermark in Batch with Photoshop

Here is to show how to batch edit your lovely beaotiful photos to add watermark using photoshop. I was using CS3 version, so, i think is roughly the same with other version lar, hahha XD Step 1, Open up the Action Panel, and select “Create New Action” ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • […]

Google Apps phasing out older browser

Was received this email this morning. Have Google Apps user updated their browser? =D Dear Google Apps admin,​ In order to continue to improve our products and deliver more sophisticated features and performance, we are harnessing some of the latest improvements in web browser technology.  This includes faster JavaScript processing and new standards like HTML5. […]

Digi broadband usage experience – 2nd day

After few weeks getting the free broadband modem from Digi, which won it from the pimpmybroadband contest, finally i’m able to get the package activated. Currently 2nd day using it and sharing some of the experience, hahah. Okie, the modem used is Huawei E160E, which is smaller and having more features (external antenna port and […]

Getting a facebook username for pages.

There was a person asking on how to do it. And then only I found it how to do it, hahha XD If you have created a Pages in facebook, and wish to have the username appeared in the URL, try this. Go to >> After that click the “Set a Username” You may […]

Maxis Broadband Capping Increased to 6GB!

So today I login into the Maxis Broadband billing account page and check my statement, then found out this… Wow~ They increased the Cap Bandwidth from 3GB to 6GB. hahaha XD is Maxis feeling the pressure from other ISP? And will them increase to 10GB?? 10GB will be the minimum requirement for this premium package […]

the symtoms of “Maxis ask you go to sleep early”

the symtoms of “Maxis ask you go to sleep early”

P.I.M.P. my BroadBand!!

Erm, was saw this thing from both Nuffnang and Digi website. and I actually not quite sure what is the mean of Pimp. From some Dictionary it said.. and Google translate pula is.. Okie, to be honest.. I still don’t know what the heck the word “PIMP” is!!! XD wakaka Let me guess.. Is it […]

Twitter twitt from Firefox – TwitterFox

Since it have hatched, the little blue bird bird have already become a very famous social communicator now. And normally I twitt from Twitter page. That need login into the page and insert wording to twitt. But now, you can have this very awesome plugin IF you are using Firefox browser. Where you able to […]

Gravatar. Icon that show you in WordPress comment

Ever wonder sometimes when you reply comment in WordPress platform, your icon appear something else? But you do see other’s face appear right on their comment box? Here is the thing you might wan to go for. wakaka XD Gravatar Gravatar served as an global icon that recognized by your email address. You just […]

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