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Enabling Mobile Version for Blogspot

Here is some simple steps for Blogger (Blogspot) users to turn on Mobile view for their blog. Step 1: Go to and login. Step 2: Go to Settings >>> Email & Mobile. Step 3: Under the “Show mobile template” section, click on “Yes, On mobile device…” and save. Yup, your blogspot is now smartphone […]

HTC Car Charger Micro B micro USB head retore

If in case you are unlucky to have your HTC Desire HD car charger Micro USB head (known as Micro B) break off, here is the map you can refer to solder back the wire.   Good luck =)

MyBlogLog going to discontinue – Yahoo! announced

Blogger out there who is using MyBlogLog to drive traffic all the while might not happy as Yahoo! maintained MyBlogLog have just announced (thru email) that they will be closing on May 24, 2011. What is MyBlogLog? It is a blogger community that gathers bloggers around the world and enhance their sharing experience. But don’t […]

Facebook email [username] – How to get it?

Here is to show you how to get your very own facebook email address that something look like this >> [email protected] For eg, my username is marccus (as in, then I get my facebook email as [email protected] (Don’t have username yet? Click here to see how to create one now.) What is this facebook […]

Where is theme editor go in WordPress 3.1?

Where is theme editor go in WordPress 3.1? need registration for domain to display image

Any blogger or anyone using to upload and host their image for free like me previously? While you may now find your photos will all turned out to be a frog image like below: yup, now need you to go to their website to register your website domain in order to let your […]

Facebook personal information archive download

Some people might not know that Facebook allow user to download a copy of their informations shared on Facebook. Actually you are able to do so. Step 1: Go to “Account Settings” under “Account”. Step 2: Further go to “Download your information”, and click “learn more”. Step 3: Click the GREEN “Download” button, and wait […]

Hide Facebook profile friend list

Recently there’s changes of Facebook profile interface and the friend list become more visible to public, bigger photos, hmm… =/  looks more ugly actually, hahha And suddenly I’d feel that it will be better to hide my friend list. Because some people might just randomly add people and act like they very know them. This […]

Make money online using Twitter – Churp Churp

Lately there have a new trend to earn some pocket money using tweeter. It is, another blue bird, but is from Malaysia, the Churp Churp (! =D How it really work? I also not so sure how they count the money.. What need to do is like steps below: 1. sign up new Churp Churp […]

Enhance Facebook account’s security

If your facebook account is mean something important with you, you might want to turn this extra security feature on. It is the account security feature from Facebook that logs your login activity. If you found there is any suspicious login notifications, may click on “end activity” fast. Here’s the simple step to turning it […]

Google Friend Connect can’t show up

Google Friend Connect (GFC) is a great tool to enhance social connectivity for website/blog. When reader click on “connect”, it helps to add the feed into Google Reader. This is very much convenient way to follow a site. You can easy to get the code from Friend Connect page ( If you do not have […]

Google Maps Distance Measurement Tool

Just now, while browsing thru Google Maps and.. saw this feature =D Google Maps now have Distance Measurement Tool !! Nice!! hahha How to use or get the Distance Measurement Tool (DMT)? You can see there is a small ruler icon just beside the measurement scale. Click on it. Then after that just click ur mouse […]

Facebook Down.. End of the World!!

Just now Facebook down for awhile.. and it was like… Gosh!!!! Apocalypse!! End of the world…!! And then found this interesting site, it seems that facebook not so stable today? hmm =/

Using Lightbox2 in blogger / blogspot

If you have tried to click on the photo(s) in my blog post, you will find out that they have the behavior like: Will be pop up . Background turned dark color. The photos will then be emphasized in clear contrast for better viewing. There have the nagivation for next/previous photo, with closed button. The […]

Add Disqus comment system into blog WordPress and Blogspot

I have come across this Disqus Comment System from some of the social media blog such as I found it quite interesting, even the interface not really that attracting. But the integration and functionality for blog commenting is nice =) You may need to register a Disqus account in order to integrate one into […]

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