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Facebook 2014 Year in Review

Here’s the link if you would like review for your Facebook activity in year 2014. Facebook Year in Review Last year, although it not as stunning as what Facebook made previously like the Facebook Lookback, this time is a simple photos collage that sum up your one year. You may customize and change the […]

5 Essential Must Know Apple Mac Keyboard Shortcut Key

When using a Mac, especially fresh switcher from Windows, there are some shortcut key that you must know. Because unlike Windows, Mac responses very fast and when you able to execute common using shortcut effectively, you will be like a computer Pro and Champ (if not, at least will looks like one). Here are the […]

Pay utility bill online using Maybank2u (Telekom, TNB, Syabas, PBA, Astro, Unifi, etc)

Here will show how we can pay our utilities bill online using online bank services to save you lots of time and hassle to find carpark and queue at payment counter. Most online banking allow to do so, where I’ll be using Maybank2u the Maybank online banking service here to showing the how-to. Most (but […]

Download Free Photo and Image Editor Software

Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw are both main icon when it comes to photo editing software. Both have their recognize strength in creating stunning vector, images, and illustration. However they are not cheap. If you would need to find an alternative to them which is free to download, you may either go for Gimp or […]

How to block Facebook games invitation request

If you ever being annoyed by those Facebook games invitation request sent by your friends, here’s the way you can get rid of it and restore some peace in your notifications feed. Go to this link, and you will find a list of Facebook games request, you can then choose to block the game directly […]

Facebook Pages Image Sizing for Photo

Here’s some guide in creating image with respective sizing for Facebook Pages. Using the best-fit image size help Pages administrator create the photo that able to focus their message for their fans. Cover Photo is best fit with rectangle image size 851 pixel width x 315 pixel height Timeline Photo is best fit with square […]

How to clear junk files and boost memory from your iPhone to enhance phone performance

In iPhone iOS, not like in Android, there’s always a pain where users can’t actually clear their junk files from apps that might piling up and eat up lots of storage space which can let you have better use of them. After searching awhile and found this apps called CM Security. Been using it for […]

How to Present like a Pro with Extended Screen

There’s quite often that I saw many presenters presenting slides or videos straight away when they connect to the additional monitor screen or to the projector screen. This happens commonly in some occasion, be it in a wedding dinner or presentation to client or presentation for your project etc etc. And show everyone what they […]

How to move left or right for extended monitor

When extended monitor is enabled, Primary monitor from laptop sometimes being fixed to left and extended monitor screen at the right side. At this time, when you want to place your extended monitor at the left side on your workdesk due to some Feng Shui placement or convenient of access and view, you might find […]

Create simple survey questionnaire using Microsoft Word

Just to share some simple steps in creating simple survey questionnaire using Microsoft Word. This simple tutorial will be simulate using Microsoft Word 2010. Step 1. Enable Developer Mode Go to File > Options Under the Options windows, go to Customize Ribbons, and tick on the Developer as show in image below. Step 2. Create […]

Sending free SMS from Gmail – Malaysia

Step by step showing how you can send SMS from Gmail from your dekstop.

Apple Mac Safari issue for SSL Facebook Secure Site

If you are an Apple Mac user who having issue viewing proper Facebook webpage in SSL Secure Site ( when browsing with Safari, here is the solution for you. Here is the condition that you might encounter when you have logged in to Facebook SSL Secure Site. Hell, everything are out of place!! But don’t […]

Facebook Like & Send Button

Facebook was famous with its Like Button in social sharing. And now, they have come out a more functional social sharing button, which is – Send Button. A short intro for this Send Button. This button, when you click on it, there will have a small window popup underneath for you to fill up To: […]

Web most seductive and addictive things

There are Two things in the web that are very seductive and addictive for people to click on it. 1st.. The Facebook Like button 2nd.. The YouTube play button   both of these easily let people fall into spams or traps, heheh

Update Facebook status from Twitter using Selective Tweet

If you wish to update Facebook status from Twitter, there is one alternative way in doing so, which is using Selective Tweet Facebook Apps.   Step 1. Go to Step 2. Under the section “Your Profile”, write in your twitter username in the box after “@” symbol, then click save. Step 3. You can […]

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