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Love is.. to Love ourself and Love others..

Happy Mother’s Day to every Mother in the world!! Their Love is un-replaceable =)

What is Love?

Suddenly got the idea to draw something.. heheh =P so.. draw this out and quote something on, hiak hiak.. for those friend in love dilemma one.. Cheers! =) Love can be complicated and can be simple. It make happiness and sadness. So…What is Love?

Happy Labour Day to Everyone!! =D

Happy Labour Day to Everyone!! =D

Special Fast & Safe route going to work from Jelutong to Bayan Lepas

Every day.. i also use the highway route to go to office, which is from Jelutong Express highway to go to Bayan Lepas..

It is very normal that once you enter the split junction to go to Bayan Lepas, you will facing congestion (not terrible but annoying one) to compete the lane with the cars coming down from Penang Bridge.. Which is will squeeze from total of 4 lane into 2 lane, before reaching out to B.Lep…

Dislike Coastline Construction.

Seafront housing is certainly lovely and many people like it very much. It give you feels of God and Goddess when stay on the air and viewing the sea~~ so nice, right?

But.. Developing property on the sea is really annoying to me, especially when it is involving pouring sand and stone into…

Earth Hour 2010 Official video

Earth Hour 2010 Official video

View the Earth Hour video


Thaipusam 2010 at Penang

This year going to throw coconuts again when Thaipusam XD bwahaha There are saying that got 2 times of throwing, where it is throwing up or throwing down. I think the throwing up is like the god go to the temple, then the throwing down is like god back to heaven? XD hahha am not […]

2010 is here!

Yea~~ the of 2010 arrived~~ XD On the 31st of December, have went to meet ah Beh and Wei Chin for a dinner, at 又一城restaurant at e-Gate.  Erm, foods and drinks there was very the normal taste only, haha. We were meet up and have some crap over the evening. After that I went to […]

2009 flash back

2009 flash back

祝各位, 冬至快樂!

天氣已轉涼.. 各位記得穿多些衣布.. 以免著涼.. 冬至快樂! ^^

Greeting card from Duc Duyet

Greeting card from Duc Duyet

Penang Chou Tao Fu (Stinky Tofu 臭豆腐) at Tang Steambot

little marccus get to know this place from the food blog of CK Lam. It’s been a long time I wanted to get bite on the Chao Tofu, the Stinky Tofu 臭豆腐..   was waiting and waiting.. and finally!!.. wahahah Originally this makan makan gathering was to meet up UTAR Biotech-mate in Penang one. But unfortunate […]

Exabytes Paintball Event at Kelab Kombat, Permatang Tinggi

This saturday it was the Company event where I’ve involved as one of the O.C. It is… Paint Ball War Game!! hahah XD the event was in planning for few months back with Roger, Dawn, Liew and Sau Hun. Finally, today have make it a success!! XD kaka even the field with motor boat and […]

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blogger Awards Dinner and Results

yup, I went to attend this fantastic great event in Singapore. The  website is at, and you may know more information from there. It’s actually a Blog Award Ceremony giving title to some of the giant Bloggers. And those bloggers who attending or being invited to this event, are no play play one. We […]

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards!!!

ROAR!!! What I should I wear for this???? =P even i just follow my company to go for the dinner XD hiak hiak do you all know Exabytes do as one of the Sponsor for Nuffnang Award? Find it in Nuffnang Awards website! XD

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