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2015 Sports Events

Please Visit Event Page for more events       January     February     March Blueseventy Penang International Triathlon & Duathlon 2015 Date : 15 March 2015, Sunday Time : 7:00am Venue : Teluk Bahang Dam, Penang Distance : Triathlon – 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run; Dualthlon – 7km swim, 40km bike, […]

Malaysia 1600 Pandas visit route

Seriously don’t know why these Pandas so famous? It’s just paper Panda and not real also. But no doubt it do look cute lar 😛 Here are the dates and time for 10 locations that are officially announced and also the maps for 15 locations with some marked as mysterious question (?) mark. Looks like […]

Funny Christmas Look (featuring Marnie the Dog)

This Christmas Santa Claus look is just too CUTE!! Hahahah

8 cute handmade boxes with template

Happy Boxing Day! Here got some cute template that easy to cut and DIY for making own boxes. Try ’em out! 😉

Maxis Challenge Network Speed in Deadly Man Vs Network Test

Recently there’s a challenge video by the Maxis Chief Technology Officer Morten Bangsgaard. His team will show you in the video giving you an assurance & promising network speed that have 96% Zero Buffering on YouTube! By mimic the speed of YouTube buffering with a big blade saw chasing an armchair where Morten sit on […]

God of Light – Ice Valley Level Walkthrough Level 13 – 25 Final

God of Light – Showing walk-through on each level of Ice Valley level 13 – 25 showing the final pattern to win the game with 3 crystals (3 stars).

One Second A Day for A Year Video From this Little Girl Might Change What You Think About the World

A footage of 1 Minutes 18 Seconds time-lapse video showing what a young girl’s life could have change into a tragedy in just a year. The video bring a strong message at the end “Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.” Could this ever happen in the UK, US, and anywhere […]

The Sun and its Eight Orbit Planets in our Solar System

After watching Interstellar that movie, I’ve got more amaze by the massive universe that surrounding us. As we human live in Earth and Earth is one of the solar system planet, and our solar system is just a very tiny little bit of thing inside the huge huge massive universe. As we live in here, […]

My Experience on Port Dickson International Triathlon 2014

This is the second time I registered for Olympic Distance Triathlon event and also is my first time to go for open water swim triathlon, the first one was Penang International Triathlon and Dualthlon 2014 (PgITD) back in March this year. PgITD is also an open water swim, but I was DNF for the swim […]

Xiaomi Powerbank purchase experience: FedEx or UPS?

Xiaomi (website: or FB: is no doubt a hot gadget in Malaysia, due to their create-for-thirst marketing & sales strategy. After awhile and actually just ignore those crazy hype created by Xiaomi strategy but last 2 weeks, ngam ngam saw they got a FB post mentioning 12pm on that day got a flash […]

The #makeuptransformation social media trending is hillarious

Recently there’s a new social media trending with hashtag #MakeUpTransformation where it use a 4 box sequel from some random individual to show the before and after make-up process where made them transform into something.. unexpected. Hahaha! You might want to search the hashtag for some even more funny one! How to make up to […]

Beware of scam like weird phone call +852 9423 322

+852 9423 322 Recently have this number call up and when I answer the caller side goes silent but there’s some ambient noise in the background. So I stay silent for couple of seconds and still no human voice from the other end. Probably waiting me to start a tone? Kinda scam-potential call. It’s been […]

Shopping with TESCO online

So this have been available in Malaysia a little while recently, I just ignore it where back then I was deadly wish it available in Malaysia when I saw CK’s online purchase from Tesco in UK. Now, we can actually buy groceries online from TESCO online store. Here’s some sharing on my experience and how […]


人生有时好比香蕉. 何有此言? 香蕉一束, 外貌美满结实的卖得四至六元一斤, 外貌腐丑的卖得少过二元可找. 介于蕉以重量定贵廉, 价钱高的, 蕉量不一定多, 价钱低的, 蕉量也不一定少. 所谓蕉量是你买得的一束香蕉里有几条香蕉可以可你吃. 付得不一定吃得多,付得少不一定吃得少.

Live like a plant

Some plant are so good in retaining water. Like this one after plugged out from soil for 3 days and still yet to dried off. What a surviving plant.

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