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[email protected] DeePavali!!

[email protected] [email protected] to all [email protected]!! Have a Joyful and Blessful day ahead! XD

October have arrived!

[warning.. plain wording ahead] It is fast, where october have arrived. I have really have not much time to update my blog in the september  T.T There are few post want to write but still in procastinating… And I should says am I getting more busy? here are some updatess Assignments, works, classes.. and recently […]

Dust Storm alert in Sydney, NSW (New South Wales)

Oh my God, is so surpirse to see the city been covered by the dust.. The sky is all yellowish red >.< Red the news here. Reader Photo Gallery: Crazy Dust Storm Turns Sydney Red (Read News) And here is some video in the news post. Sydney Dust Storm (in Maroubra) from Marcus Schappi on […]

Little Jie Rhen born on 6th Sept ^^

hehe =P it’s been more than a week the blog have not update, which have after the visit to Chew Jetty art project and start to busy with works abit. Paiseh, will update the post for Chew Jetty in a later time, cause it was a great memory there! XD Here a short update for […]

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church and JNPC Friendship Carnival + Farewell with Timo and Marja!

Reservoir Garden Baptist Church and JNPC Friendship Carnival + Farewell with Timo and Marja!

Famine 30 DIY Camp Penang, Successful!

After a week of sickness and finally recovered in time to attend for Famine 30 Penang DIY Camp! First have to thanks to Ah Sing to let me know Famine 30 was gonna held in Penang, and also thanks to Chris for making this DIY Camp a big success! At the day of 15 August […]

Famine 30 Penang Donation Completed! Thank you all for sending marccus to hunger! kaka

As you all know, little marccus previously mentioned is gonna join Famine 30 [post] in the coming August! And there are fee applied which is RM 120 (camper fee also the donation to the poors) + RM 30 (T-shirt and miscellaneous fee). Know from Chris Woo, who is the organiser from Famine 30 Penang that […]

Bon Odori 2009 Penang – Japanese Ghost Festival

On the day 18 July 2009, marccus and Chun Siang dua kuku go to Penang Esplanade for the event Bon Odori! Actually this is the first time marccus went over there XD kaka Here is the field in Esplanade when we first step in. Lucky is today is not raining. XD Once we just go […]

Day out to Sunway Carnival, Prai.

Today, me and Ah Liang, go to Sunway Carnival at Prai meet Cloud’s and her friends Su Hong, Su Li, and Yi Xue for a movie Ice Age III – Dawn of the Dinasours. and this is the first time I am went to Sunway Carnival, which I just know there actually have another shopping […]

World Vision Famine 30 Hour Camp in Penang!

World Vision Famine 30 Hour Camp in Penang!

The attire you should avoid when interview.

Good Morning Sunday!! Get yourself cherish in the day. =)

Marccus Blog on WordPress now!

Finally settle down myself with this theme. Wakaka Marccus is hard to please in choosing theme huh? XD By the way, Link me up Guys!! I still learning on how to use wordpress also. Will make more modification in future =P It’s early morning in the day~ Have a nice day!~~

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