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Shopping with TESCO online


So this have been available in Malaysia a little while recently, I just ignore it where back then I was deadly wish it available in Malaysia when I saw CK’s online purchase from Tesco in UK.

Now, we can actually buy groceries online from TESCO online store. Here’s some sharing on my experience and how to do it.

First, just visit to their website (no need www in-front yea). Then go to “Sign in” at the right box and create an account if you do not have one, else just log in.


Next, choose the category you want to buy. Promotion tab is the thing you might not want to missed that out.


Just choose the quantity and add any items you want to buy. Some items might have special selection like unit quantity or unit weight. And those items the price might be different slightly when you pay the bill. The price shows for those items mostly in Guided Price. Means that just a guide lar, on and off will be adjusted due to different in weight or something.


When you have done choosing your items, click on the “Book a Slot” and select the timing you are probably at home.



After everything done. Click checkout and complete the order. At this point, you don’t need to pay anything but just ready your credit card. Their online delivery do not accept cash. You will only pay when items arrive your place. Also, you are able to choose to accept or reject the order or items when they arrive as they claims.

Ok, now so wait wait wait~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The next day and before my choosen time slot, I got a call from the lorry driver to make sure I’m at home. As I choose Sunday 8 – 10pm, and I’m lazying around this time, but they got arrive early where I just done watching Avatar (re-watch).

It happened that the lorry arrive nicely and delivery guy came up politely.


All my items are packed nicely on the baskets on the trolley. Bananas, watermelon, eggs, mineral watersssss… I was expect these water in a carton =.= but during order just can choose one bottle by one bottle. End up really showing one by one..


Then made the payment. Other than MasterCard and VISA, payment accept American Express (AMEX) also. And if you have doubt on the freshness or expiry date of your order, just double check first before made the payment. Remember that you can reject the order yea. Where in this order, the bread I’ve ordered is expired on 6th June, when it arrived on 1st June.


Taadaaaaa~~~ Here’s are the supplies ordered thru online Tesco store and without moving my lazy legs.


Receipt in review. Got some vouchers for LEGOLAND pun. who want?


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