Can you replace Wacom pen tablet with the mouse?

I always wondering actually would a pen tablet and a stylus can replace a mouse for daily usage other than drawing?

Well, after few days of testing, for me, the answer is Yes.

A pen tablet can replace a mouse. If you focus in doing this switching.

First thing you have to do is really hide or just throw away your mouse and connect your pen tablet. After about 2-3 days of practice the reliability in grabbing the a mouse to navigate and click will then subside. Your brain will then slowly pickup up the hovering, touching, and hand gesture pattern in navigating with sync on screen.

Second important thing to do is setup the preference for button on the pen tablet and the stylus pen. Once the buttons is familiarize, this pen tablet will be giving you a whole new awesome experience in computing.

If you dare enough, you can even gaming with pen tablet, like Starcraft!

This post is also create using only the keyboard and pen tablet, without the mouse.

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