5 important measure to improve Google organic search ranking

With thousands of articles and content created daily and millions & billions & trillions of articles available online, how you would make sure your website standout among these all to reach the first and first few pages of Google Search? Here will be mentioning about organic search result which is not relating to paid search result. Google’s paid search result is actually very effective where Google Adwords is the battleground for getting the best bidded website to appear at first page. However sometimes you just want your website to appear without entering this bidding battleground. Here are the 5 important measures that could help improving and increasing the ranking in Google search organically.

1. Genuine authentic original content

Yup, content is King. And Google is very particular in this. Make sure your content is as original as much. Recently there are too much copied content around the web, which is really 100% copy and paste without any re-phrasing, this has made the Google search algorithm to work and punish these type of copy cat domain.

2. Secured website with SSL

Activate or purchase the SSL certificate for your website so that your url will be loaded with https:// instead of http://. Google search has favoring site that has secure certificate installed. Some hosting company did come with free SSL with their shared hosting plan, do check it out with them.

3. AMP

AMP or known as Accelerated Mobile Page (https://www.ampproject.org/), is a must have too. Although this will appear only for mobile devices, but then mobile browsing has become a higher search input/output isn’t it? High ranking website should be mobile friendly and has the speed for it. AMP helps loaded the website into a simplified version. Normally with heading title and content straight away, and it will cut away all those fancy fancy animation in the website. It really help loaded the site more faster and everyone love this speed.

4. Fast loading website

A lightning fast website is important to create frustration-less browsing experience, and also reduce bouncing browsing. Make your website lean and loaded up faster will help your rank to be above your competitor. Normally use the test tool from Pingdom should be fine, https://tools.pingdom.com/. Or GTMetric also another popular test tool that most people using, https://gtmetrix.com/.

5. Make nofollow for external link

Make sure that whenever you shared links with your peers, the url should be make it into nofollow so that it won’t weight down your search ranking.

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