Reduce Facebook Ads Tracking

Very few would know that in order for Facebook ads to work well, all user profile will have tags assigned by Facebook from time to time. However, if the algorithm in tagging is working well, those ads should be show up pretty much based on user’s interest. But then when the greed is slightly over than responsibility, it could be chaotic for massive and not relevant ads keeps showing up whenever you scrolling Facebook. That is pretty much Very annoying.

So where to adjust the setting so that it showing which ads works best for you?

Go to this URL directly:

In this page, there will have 3 main sections need your time to update setting in each of them:

  • Categories Used to Track You
  • Audience-Based Advertising
  • Ads Shown Off Facebook
  • Here’s the location in mobile devices:



    Categories Used to Track You

    Under this section, un-check your profile information, and you will need to go to Interest Categories to remove the keyword targeted to you one by one.

    Audience-Based Advertising

    Under this section, you will get to see the list of advertiser that have your info that are ready to show you their personalized ads. Some of which you will familiar with but some you might have no idea who they are. It seems like there are advertisers who got your detail will able to create their own list in Facebook ads platform, so that they can be ready to show their personalized ads to those in their list.

    Then you might thought,
    “Hey, what the heck!”
    “I don’t know you, why you know me?”
    “Where you get my detail?”
    “I don’t want to see what you want to show me at all!”

    But good thing is that we can have option to limit their capability in Facebook Ads platform. Click onto each of the advertiser’s name, then click on the “They uploaded or used a list to reach you“, then just click Don’t Allow on both item.

    You will really need to one by one go into each advertiser to remove the permission.

    Ads Shown Off Facebook

    Under this section, just turn off this only option available. Why would you want Facebook to allow advertiser trace you off Facebook?

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