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Reduce Facebook Ads Tracking

Reduce what Facebook track you in building their personalize ads. Control your own privacy in Facebook Ad Preference. Applied for…

TP-Link Passthrough Powerline AC1300 Wi-Fi Kit – Model TL-WPA8630P

Sharing about TP-Link Passthrough Powerline AC1300 Wi-Fi Kit - Model TL-WPA8630P

Quick fix for WordPress 5.0 Post Issue on Saving/Publishing

If you are stuck with Wordpress 5.0 in editing, try this method to disable the new editor, Gutenberg.

Gigabit WiFi Router

Get to understand better in selecting the right WiFi router for your Gigabit connection. If your ISP giving you more…

VI Stories: the new blogger earning source

An alternative earning source for publisher/blogger.

Improve Adsense Revenue

An insight on possibility that affect Adsense's earning and improvement suggested. #Adsense #GoogleAdsense #makemoneyonline

Prevent Accidental Folder Move in Windows 10 (Dropbox, SharePoint, One Drive, Box)

Using this configuration to avoid accidental move of a folder that cause chaotic scene.

Batch file: Gather PC info

Gather PC info quickly with this method

Tabbed Microsoft Word (Excel, PowerPoint)

Easily switch between multiple files with this small Microsoft Office trick. #MsOffice #EfficientWorkspace

Create Simple QR Code Attendance Marking for Event Registration

If ever wish to create a simple QR Code attendance marking process during event registration, here can show you how…

Connect Office 365 using Powershell to Purge Deleted Users

Simple steps connect to office 365 using powershell to purge deleted users.

Clear Whatsapp Memory

Showing how to clear whatsapp memory easily to free up phone's storage space. You may choose text messages, contacts shared,…

Remove Whatsapp privacy sharing to Facebook in 2 steps

Simple 2 steps to stop Facebook from using your personal detail in Whatsapp.

Change iPhone iOS Call Ringtone

Change your iPhone iOS call ringtone to the song you like in simple steps.

Show/Hide File Extension in Windows 10

Simple Step to Show/Hide File Extension in Windows 10