Create Simple QR Code Attendance Marking for Event Registration

If ever wish to create a simple QR Code attendance marking process during event registration, here can show you how to do it in few simple steps. Which will be using Google Form’s as the recording list, scanning the QR Code will automatically update the list.

This is not really a complete process, instead, it’s a functional process that do the job needed. You might find it helpful for some small event/talk/seminar etc.

Step 1. Create a Google Form.

Step 2. Create a Short Answer field.

Name it as Registration ID.

Step 3. Create a Multiple Choice field.

Create one option and name it as Yes.

Step 4. Go to Responses, and create new Spreadsheet.

Step 5. Name this new Spreadsheet as Attendance for Event.

Step 6. Access to Get Pre-filled Link.

Go to More option (the vertical 3 dots on top right corner).

Step 7. View Page Source on the Pre-Filled Form page.

Step 8. Search (Ctrl+F) “entry.”, and record down the numbers.

The first search result will be for Registration ID, second will be the Yes.

Step 9. Understand the form filled URL.

The URL structure will be as below:{Google_Form_ID}/formResponse?entry.{Field_ID}={Your_Registration_ID}&entry.{Field_ID}={Your_Yes_Answer}

So in this case will be

Remember this URL structure. For Google_Form_ID, follow exactly the prefix as well, sometimes the form URL may show as{Google_Form_ID}.. or{Google_Form_ID}.., etc. So follow exactly as the one show in the Pre-Filled Form Page.

Step 10. Match your registration list with ID.

You should have all the participants/visitors details, and now will need to assign registration ID for each of one of them. Do it in Excel will be more easy for recording purpose.

Registration ID: Event1_0001
Name: Chong Chong
Details: bla bla bla..

Registration ID: Event1_0002
Name: Mao Mao
Details: bla bla bla..

and the list goes on.

Step 11. Create your QR Code.

Can go to any free QR Code generator. Here I will be using as an example. Paste the URL in and generate the unique QR Code for each registration ID.

The generated QR Code can then be send out to participants/visitors for their record and present during registration at the event day.

Step 12. Scan the QR Code using any QR Code Scanner.

At the event day, use any QR Code Scanner apps from mobile device to scan these QR Code present by participants/visitors, then the attendance list will be marked automatically into the Spreadsheet.

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